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The Spending Ceiling For The 2023 Budget Reaches Congress: €198,221 mn (+1.1%)

The Government will defend the non-financial spending limit, colloquially known as the spending ceiling, for 2023 this Thursday in the Plenary Session of Congress, in what is considered the first step in the processing of the General State Budget bill for 2023. Specifically, the non-financial spending limit for 2023 amounts to 198,221 million euros, a new record, 1.1% higher than last year’s spending ceiling, including 25,156 million euros of European…

budget2021 amendments

Spain’s Budget 2021: Improvable, But Far From Being The Worst Possible To Show A Responsible Country

Joan Tapia | Yesterday, the Spanish Parliament rejected, with a large majority the complete amendments to the 2021 budget. It is an important step towards political stability and the possibility of creating an economic policy to fight the crisis. From the economic point of view, the Budget may be substantially improved, but we have the government that we have, PSOE with Podemos. So the accounts for 2021 – in the midst of great world uncertainty – are far from being the worst possible.

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Going Around In Circles With Budgetary Stability

For a long time, Spain has had a “debt pending” in terms of budgetary stability. And, for the time being, the current scenario leads us to think that balancing the public finances is a difficult objective to achieve in the medium-term. Added to that problem is the high level of government debt.