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The president of REE resigns because of disagreements with the government

The Amount Of Renewables With Access Permission To REE Shows Spanish Network Is Starting To Be Saturated

Renta 4 | Withdrawals from network access points are continuing. To the over 20 GW of renewable projects abandoned in September, we must now add another almost 5 GW during the month of October. As of October 31st 2020, the number of renewables’ plans with access permits has risen to 121.7 GW. This means only a further 0.5 GW have obtained the access point, a clear sign the transport network is fairly saturated.

ACS to build biggest solar energy plant in Europe

Spain Loses Its First Renewables Case In International Courts

Spain has lost its first case in an international arbitrage court, namely the World Bank’s Ciadi, related to the cuts applied to the renewables remuneration from 2010. The ruling is in favour of the UK Company Eiser Infrastructure Ltd. and its Luxembourg subsidiary Energy Solar Luxembourg,

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Spanish Energy: Lots Of Capacity, Not Many Outlets

Mari Pinardo | Spain has the capacity to produce much more electric energy than we can consume. On average we use 35,000 megawats and have 100,000 installed. So why is our electricity bill higher than our European partners?

Spanish renewables

Spain Is Betting On Renewables Again Now They Are “Cheap”

There is no question about the importance of the renewables auction due to take place between now and June if we take into account that installed renewables power in Spain (excepting hydraulic) is 31.216 Mw. So in other words, the new installations will increase this energy park by 10%.