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The Spanish Countryside Has Lost Two Million Workers Since 1976

Funcas | The Labour Force Survey shows the extraordinary decline of agricultural occupation in recent decades. In 1976, those employed in this sector (2.6 million people) accounted for over a fifth of total employment; in 1991 they represented less than a tenth (1.3 million) and already in 2007 agricultural employment had fallen below a twenty-fifth of total employment (801,000). Since then, this proportion has stabilized around 4% of the total occupation (734,000 people in jobs in 2019).

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Thirty Measures Against Depopulation In Spain

Last week, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez implemented a package of 30 measures to tackle the challenge of depopulation and demography in Spain. Sánchez is firmly commited to cohesion, equality between territories and the creation of opportunities “where they do not exist.” He has already appointed an executive commission to lead the project.