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Spain: 40% of employees earned at most the SMI in 2021 (€13,300)

The average gross annual wage stood at €21,519 in Spain in 2021, up 4.9% from €20,503 in 2020. The increase is the highest recorded since 2008, when they grew by more than 5%, but it is still far from the rise of 2007, when salaries were revalued by 7.3% just before the financial crisis broke out. However, behind this figure there is some small print, which is analysed today by…

Forty years of democratic Spain: No resemblance to what it was

And what if salaries in Spain are increased as Popular’s chairman proposes?

Popular chairman Angel Ron’s proposal to raise salaries in line with productivity in order to speed up the consolidation of economic growth is clearly at least worthy of a discussion. In the short-term, it would have repercussions not only on corporate profits but also on improving confidence, the recovery in consumption, the increase in production and job creation.