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Spanish Labour Market 2020: The Year Of Massive Destruction In Employment

Bankia Estudios | Last year ended with the loss of more than 100,000 Spanish companies, a fall of 360,105 Social Security affiliates – the first decline in seven years – and an increase of 724,532 unemployed. It must be added 755,613 workers under temporary lay-offs programs and 349,342 self-employed receiving extraordinary unemployment benefits; in other words, more than 1.1 million people who, although technically still considered employed, are not actually working or are working reduced hours.

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Rise In Spain’s Furloughed Workers Overshadows Surge In Social Security Affiliation In November

Randstand Research | The labor market records in November reflect a relatively negative performance against the path of recovery that was observed during the previous four months. Social Security affiliation in November increased by 31,638 people, a 0.17% increase, the best figures in that month since 2006, but it masks a rising in those affected by temporary layoffs of 147.000 during that month. The total number of contributors exceeds the threshold of 19 million (namely 19.02 million people).