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The Eurozone Grows At A Pace Never Seen Before: So Does Spain, But There Is Nothing To Celebrate

The Eurozone economy grew by record high of 12.7% in the third quarter with expansion including the four major countries: Germany by 8.2%, France by 18.2%, Italy by 16.1% and Spain by 16.7%. This rebound reflected the largest increase since statistics started being kept in 1995. Specifically, Spanish historical GDP’s followed a plunge of almost 18% in the previous three months. However, these figures has a sort of bittersweet taste as they coincide with the reintroduction of strict containment measures across the region which are likely to make the expected recovery reverse.

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The New Term Starts In Spain: Renewed Growth Goals, Temporary Layoffs Extension And Preparation Of 2021 Budget

Nadia Calviño, Minister of Economic Affairs expects, “with all due caution and prudence,” third quarter GDP growth of 10%, in addition to an improvement in employment data. At the same time, Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez anticipated that the aid Spain will receive from the EU Recovery Fund (€140 Bn) will add 2 percentage points to the GDP in the long term.