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Spain Exceeds World Average In Its Capacity To Attract Long-Stay Tourism

Spain is above the global average in its ability to attract long-stay tourism (i.e., more than a week). This type of tourist accounts for half of the national offer, with long-stay trips considered “more satisfactory” than short-stay trips. This is reflected in the ‘Study on the positioning of Spain as a tourist destination’ recently presented by the Real Instituto Elcano and Turespaña.

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IMF Forecasts: The Heavy Weighting Of The Tourism Sector Explains Sharp Downward Revision In Spain’s Expected Growth

Bankia Estudios | None of the world’s major economies will avoid an annual contraction in GDP, with the possible exception of China, which could grow by a modest 1%, reported the institution. As for the Spanish economy, it has cut forecasts from the -8% estimated in April to -12.8%. For 2021, it estimates 6.3% growth , so that next year the level of GDP will still be 7.3% lower than in 2019 (4% in the previous revision). Spain’s worse performance is mainly due to the heavy weighting of tourism sector in GDP.

Spain's tourism-related GDP to rise 3% between 2018-19, outperforming the country's economy

Foreign Tourist Arrivals In Spain Plunge 64.3% In March; Only Domestic Tourism Can Save The Season

Spain received two million international tourists in March, 64.3% less than year earlier, after its borders were closed from the mid-month to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Statistics on Tourist Movements at Borders (Frontur). In 2019, Spain clocked up for the seventh consecutive year an all-time record in international tourist arrivals, with 83.7 million visitors. But with borders closed sine die, it seems that only domestic tourism can save the 2020 season.


Spanish Tourism Industry Has Grown By 31% Since 2009

It’s unheard of Spain’s tourism sector, which many experts said was stagnant and mature ten years ago, has not only massively recovered but continues to beat records from one year to the next in terms of numbers of international tourist arrivals. Since it touched bottom in 2009, with 52.2 million foreign tourists, the sector has not stopped growing any year. In 2015, numbers reached 65 million, up 31% in comparative terms.