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Spain unemployed totalled 2.941 Mn in September, lowest level for that month since 2008

Spain’s unemployment registered an increase of 0.6%, or 17,679 people, in September from the previous month, the Labour Ministry said on Tuesday. This was the third consecutive month of increases. However, the total unemployed in September was at the lowest level for that month since 2008, standing at 2.941 million people. Compared to a year earlier, the number of unemployed fell by 9.70% or 315,883 people in September. Bankinter analyst…

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Unemployment Falls By 255,300 In The Year To June To 12.48%

Unemployment fell by 255,300 people between April and June this year, the largest decline for a second quarter since 2018, and the number of unemployed fell below three million for the first time since 2008.Meanwhile, employment rose by 383,300 jobs between April and June, up 1.91% on the previous quarter, although this is lower than the 464,900 increase in workers recorded a year ago. At the end of June, the…

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In 2021, Spain Was The Country With The Highest Unemployment Rate In The EU For The 13th Consecutive Year

According to the III Labor Market Yearbook published Friday by the Adecco Group Institute, Spain added in 2021 its thirteenth consecutive year as the country with the highest number of unemployed in the European Union (EU). Thus, despite the fact that in 2021 all the employment lost in the pandemic was recovered, with a generalized fall in unemployment, Spain, which accounts for 9.2% of the population of the EU-27, had…

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Spain Reaches 20 Million Employed While Temporary Employment In The Public Sector Reaches 32% Vs 22% In The Private Sector

April leaves 184,577 more contributors to the Social Security system in Spain and 86,260 fewer unemployed. This usually corresponds to a traditionally positive month for employment when it coincides with the Easter holiday period, with its good impact on jobs. The average number of affiliated members in April exceeded 20 million (20,019,080 people) and the number of unemployed fell to three million (3,022,503 unemployed). That said, we continue to lead…

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Unemployment Fell By 2,921 People Last Month, The Worst Month Of March In The Historical Series; Permanent Contracts Increased

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services fell by 2,921 in March (-0.09%), twenty times fewer than in the same month of 2021, when the number fell by 59,149 people. This year’s decline is the smallest in the historical series, since 1996. Until now, it was that of 2013, when unemployment fell by 4,979 people. In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment rose in March…

Temporary layoffs concentrate in activities mainly linked to trade and tourism

Spain’s Jobless Falls By 76,113 In September, A Record High For This Month, But How To Recover the 239,200 Still Furloughed?

With the drop in unemployment in September, the total number of job seekers reached 3,25 M at the end of the month. This figure would mean an unemployment rate of around 14.3%. Furthermore, temporary layoffs account for 239,200 workers, which means a decrease of 29,000 still included in these programmes compared to end-August. If we include this group added to self-employed with special benefits, unemployment stands at 3.7 M people, which means an implicit unemployment rate of around 16.3%.

Forty years of democratic Spain: Haves and have-nots of labour market

Spanish Labour Market: Sharp Increase In Furloughs in February Brings The Total To Almost 900,000

Randstad Research | Unemployment in Spain increased by 44,436 people in the month of February compared to January thus raising the number of jobless people to 4,008,789, a barrier not surpassed since April 2016, reflecting the restrictions impossed to deal with the third wave of the pandemic. Similarly, ther was an increases of 160,000 people in the number of furloughed employees, bringing the total to 899,383.

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Temporary Layoffs Gradually Lifted In Spain: 1.56 M Workers Have Taken Up Their jobs, 1.8 M Still On Hold

The recovery in employment in Spain is proving to be a struggle at best, and a mirage at worst. The data shows that the trend in unemployment growth is slowing: unemployed in June rose by 5,100 people compared to 26,573 the previous month, 282,891 in April and 302,265 people in March. However, this month of June was the worst since 2008. The figure continues to exclude workers who are suspended from work or whose hours have been reduced as a result of a temporary layoff scheme.

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Spain Unemployment Continued To Rise In May ; But The Figure Is Ten Times Lower Than In Last Two Months

The number of unemployed in Spain increased by 26,573 people in May, compared to 282,900 the previous month and -84,075 in May 2019. This is the worst May figure in recent years, but it is a vast improvement on previous months (up 282,000 in April and up 302,265 in March).This may be enough to raise some optimism in the Spanish labour market. The labour market data for May also reflects an increase of 97,462 people registered with Social Security compared to the previous month.