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Spanish employment swimming in calmer waters

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | The macro (and micro)  piece of data tarnishing the image of Spain is that of unemployment, an anomaly for a developed economy. It is not new but a problem we have been suffering for the last three decades. Even during prosperity times, unemployment reached double digits (8% in the most favourable moments). The last great recession exacerbated the problem and jobless rate soared to 25%, bluffering analysts and market makers.

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Spanish Social Security lost 100,000 affiliated in August

MADRID | The Corner | Unemployment continues to afflict Spaniards and official figures released on Tuesday added even more pressure on the authorities: 8,700 more jobless people were registered in August, the first rise in unemployment after six months of improvement.

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4.8 million of Spanish jobless, unacceptable for 4th EZ economy

MADRID | By Francisco López | Figures of March’s unemployment in Spain are clearly good, although talking about a trend change in labour market seems sort of unwise given current indicators of growth, deficit and debt. Therefore, Spanish Ministry of Economy Luis de Guindos anticipated a modification of the economic estimations that will be sent to the European Comission before the end of April. 


SPECIAL REPORT: Are minijobs a solution for Europe?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | Europeans never stop listening to ideas for economic reforms. One potentially successful option, with support from Europe’s leading institutions for smaller economies, is the ¨minijob¨.

But are these atypical jobs the solution to move Spain’s 26 percent unemployment rate closer to Germany’s 5 percent?

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Good Jobs Report in a Deeply Unemployed Spain

MADRID | By The Corner Team | The Spanish government celebrated February’s job report on Tuesday, with jobless rate fall by 1,949 people from the previous month to 4.81 million. Although figures show that the worst of the recession is already behind the curve, critics point out there is still a deep employment fragility, with job creation mainly happening in Andalousia’s temporary agricultural sector.

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Why the IMF’s last report on Spain doesn’t make the cut

MADRID | By Luis Martí | Spaniards are not slim quite yet. Or that’s how the IMF’s last report sees it. While admitting that reforms have gone quite far, the IMF wants wage earners to run an extra mile. But there are a few reasons why the institution’s proposal doesn’t make the cut.

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Spain bets on exports

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | The Spanish government claims its structural reforms are paying off. For several months in a row unemployment performance has markedly improved, rising hopes to curb the current staggering level: more than one in four workers queuing in the dole. It also helps that exports are growing at 8% rate, allowing to save jobs and keep the economy running.