Spain’s 10 years yield

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Peripheral bonds at minimums will make financing costs plummet

MADRID | The Corner | The last ECB measures will apease investors who see that once again central banks are betting on the economy although this means forcing their mandates. And they had an immediate effect on the EU’s peripheral bonds: Spanish 10-year-bond yield closed at 2.05% and 5-year-bond at 0.72%, while risk premiums fell to multi-year lows. This will serve to drastically reduce the cost of financing and making it much easier for large companies to  get funding. The euro’s strong devaluation against major world currencies should serve to increase the competitiveness of European producers and increase the region’s exports, analysts at Link commented on Monday.

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Spain is no longer Europe’s sick man; it’s Italy’s turn

MADRID | By Francisco López | Investment banks and international funds are betting on buying Spanish Treasury’s stocks. In fact, Spain’s 10 years bond yielded under 3.40% on Wednesday, an unprecedented level since 2006. Interests of Italian debt stands even under that of Spanish, but Brussels’ study on the euro zone imbalances pointed Italy as the new sick man of Europe, basically due to its high public debt and the lack of reforms.