Spain’s deficit


Is Rajoy taking advantage of the caretaker government situation?

Up to what point is the lack of a government affecting Spain and its government? Spain’s Stock Market Regulator (the CNMV) now has no visible head. And the number of public sector jobs cannot be increased, nor AENA’s air fares. But perhaps this is due to other reasons which could have equally existed in a normal political situation.


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Brussels gives Spain a pass mark on growth, but fails it on deficit

The Spanish economy is in the “champions league” in terms of GDP growth, but has failed the deficit, unemployment and debt exams. The autumn forecasts from the European Commission raised the deficit non-compliance to 4.7% of GDP for this year and 3.6% for 2016, well off the levels of 4.2% and 2.8%, respectively, previously agreed with Brussels.

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Spanish recovery glass only half-full

BARCELONA | Joan Tapia| That the Spanish economy grew by 0.4% quarterly in the 1Q14, and by 0.6% yearly is a real green shoot. After several years of recession, GDP is to grow moderately, around 1% in year 2014. However, employment continued falling by 184,000 people, at an annual pace of 0.5%. A slap in the face for those who told the recovery was more intense than expected.

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Deficit and Bank Bailout Put Spain Under the Spotlight

MADRID | By Francisco López | Spain’s credibility is at stake. In the coming months the country will need to tackle its two main economic commitments: compliance with the deficit target of 6.5 per cent in 2013 and requesting (or not) an extension of the bank bailout in November.

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Spain’s deficit: new year, new goals

BARCELONA | CaixaBank analysts | Spain’s deficit needs to be corrected by 1.8 percentage points of GDP in 2013. The cumulative deficit during the first three quarters of 2012 reaches 6.2% of GDP.