Spain’s floor clauses

Spanish banks return 37% of floor clauses demands

Spanish Banks Return 37% Of Floor Clauses Demands, Reject 20%

Spanish banks have returned 1.5 billion euros in cash to more than 350.000 people affected by the floor clause, with whom the lenders reached an agreement after they filed a claim. This is according to figures presented by the banks at September 30, via the Commission which was set up last April to monitor the issue.

Retail interest rates in Spain are high compared to other Eurozone countries

Spanish Banks Earned 23% Less In 2016 Due To Special Factors

Spanish banks registered net profit of 7.987 billion euros in 2016, 23.1% less than a year earlier, according to data provided on Thursday by the Spanish Banking Association. These results were affected by special temporary and specific factors in 2016, without which earnings would have been 12% higher than in 2015.

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The necessary adjustment to Spain’s banking system

Maximising profits is the main objective of any company and the banks are not alien to this situation. The current scenario is particulary challenging for the profitability adjustment of the sector in Europe and the adjustments made by the Spanish banks are proof of this.


Spain banks ready for a new round of mergers

A new round of mergers amongst Spanish banks could just be round the corner. The Bank of Spain has also added its voice to the market rumours, the “off the record” comments from bank directors and the warnings from international organisations about the sector’s delicate health.