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Spain Has Guaranteed The Supply Of Natural Gas In The Face Of Russia-Ukraine War

Spain is not in a situation of lack of gas supply in the coming months, as it has scheduled the arrival of a total of 56 ships of liquefied natural gas (LNG) between February and March. It also continues to implement all possible preventive measures to contribute to the guarantee of energy supply, with the launch last week of four other extraordinary ‘slots’ – rights to unload LNG – as…

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Russia’s Offensive Surprises The Spanish Economy At A Time When It Was Already Registering The Most Lack of Control on Prices And Unemployment In the EU

Carlos Segovia explains in El Mundo that “Since Thursday a powerful threat of impoverishment has been looming in the EU, particularly in the countries that were already lagging furthest behind in the recovery, with double the unemployment and higher inflation. That is Spain, unfortunately, which had already been slowing down in recent weeks. It was symbolic that Pedro Sánchez cancelled his participation in the Spain Capital Markets forum organised by…

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Road Maintenance Firms Demand To Compensate The Price Increase In Construction Materials

The Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies, (ACEX, in its Spanish acronym) demands that the Government approve price review mechanisms for new contracts for road maintenance services, as is already being applied by the Ministry of Transport and all its related public companies, the newspaper reports today. It also demands that it also introduces compensation formulas for projects that are already underway, as the Executive intends to establish…

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Brussels confirms that Spain is not among the countries to which it has asked for expenditure control

The European Commission has responded Monday to the Spanish Popular Party that Spain is not on the list of countries it has asked to reduce public spending in its recommendations last October. These include Italy, Lithuania and Latvia, Europa Press reported. “Several countries in the Euro Zone, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia, have received a call for caution in public spending, but Spain was not included in these countries that have…

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Sustainability In Spanish Tourism: Make Or Break

CaixaBank Research (Pedro Álvarez Ondina) | Spain’s tourism industry has developed exceptionally in recent years, becoming one of the country’s main sources of business, income and employment. However, this strong development had also led to the emergence of some negative actions and social unease regarding the role played by tourism at certain destinations and moments until, in 2020, the coronavirus crisis paralysed the sector’s activity and highlighted its social and…

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The quality of employment in Spain is 10% lower than the EU-15 average

Funcas | The Spanish labour market has substantial room for improvement in job quality, according to the latest issue of Panorama Social, a publication edited by Funcas. In one of the articles included in this issue written by Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo Llorente and Enrique Fernández Macías, and based on non-monetary variables (such as working hours, contractual conditions and career development prospects, amongst others), Spain is among the EU15 countries…

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Spain Will Provide 100,000 Rental Housing Units From The Bad Bank, Financial Entities And Investment Funds

Intermoney | The State plans to facilitate the promotion of 100,000 affordable rental housing units, half of which will come from Sareb, the Spanish bad bank created in 2012, other financial entities and investment funds, according to the newspaper El Economista. Secretary of State for Housing, David Lucas, said this during a real estate event. On the one hand, the Administration is in negotiations with the funds for them to…

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Dividend Payouts In Spain Could Rise By 15-20% In 2022

Allianz GI | After a drop in dividend payouts related to the coronavirus crisis in 2020, companies in the MSCI Europe European equity index increased their payouts again last year by around a third to a record €378 billion. And this trend is likely to continue again in 2022: according to our forecasts , a further increase in total dividends of around 8 percent to around €410 billion is expected…

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Spanish Treasury Proposes €75 Bn Net Issuance By 2022, A Level Similar To That Of 2021

Bankinter | The Treasury announced on Monday its Financing Strategy for 2022. The Treasury ended 2021 with total Gross issuance of €264.312 billion and Net issuance of €75.138 billion, -25% below the proposed target and -31.6% below 2020 net issuance. The average cost of debt issued amounted to -0.04% and that of outstanding debt stood at 1.64% (from 1.86% at the end of 2020).

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The Shortage Of Large Firms In Spain Makes The Spanish Economy Productivity Remain Relatively Low

Oriol Aspachs (Caixabank Research) | There are still few large companies in Spain, especially when compared to the major developed countries. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why the productivity of the Spanish economy remains relatively low. In other words, this is one of the main reasons why GDP per capita in Spain, or many Spaniards’ purchasing power, remains far from the benchmark countries. Will COVID succeed where economists have failed?