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Shareholders Rejected Only Three Proposals From Ibex Companies At The 2021 AGMs

Fernando Rodríguez | Ibex 35 companies encountered symbolic opposition to their proposed resolutions at the shareholders’ meetings held this year, according to Georgeson’s annual report on the 2021 season. Only three companies saw an item on the agenda of their meetings held in 2021 defeated: Acerinox, in April, which failed to approve a debt issue for 600 million euros; Amadeus, which saw its remuneration report rejected with 61.48% of votes against; and IAG, which also failed to push through its proposal to reduce the deadline for convening extraordinary general meetings to 15 days.

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How Has The Slump In Foreign Tourism Affected The Residential Property Market?

Judit Montoriol-Garriga (CaixaBank Research)| There is no doubt that the pandemic severely affected the property market on the Mediterranean coast and islands throughout 2020 and the first few months of 2021. The slump in international tourism due to restrictions on travel and uncertainty regarding how the health and economic situation would develop have led to a significant decline in the number of foreigners buying residential properties in Spain, plummeting by…

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What ‘Soft Power’ Is And Why Spain Is A Powerhouse

The Conversation | Spain scores very well in some of the parameters that generate soft power. We have a gastronomy, a cultural heritage, writers, filmmakers and sportsmen of the highest level. All this creates a kind of affection and attraction towards Spain among the citizens of other countries, which results in economic benefits, either through tourism or through the consumption of products made in Spain. In other words, a country’s soft power is its capacity to weave alliances and influence in the international sphere through the interest that the cultural, political or economic attributes of its society arouse in the citizens of other nations.

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Spain Creates 464,900 Jobs In Second Quarter 2021

The 2Q 2021 unemployment rate stood at 15.26% against 15.98% in the previous quarter, according to data released today by Spain’s National Statistics Institute. The activity rate improves to 58.6% quarter-on-quarter. On the other hand, the number of jobless people decreases to 3.5 M (-3% q/q), while the number of employed people increases by +464,900 to 19.7M (+2.4%).

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Spain’s Scrabble-Shaped Recovery: W, K, V… Or Delta?

CaixaBank Research | Over the coming months, the pandemic will continue to be the major determining factor for the outlook. The immunisation of age groups over 50, which represent 90% of all hospitalisations, is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. With the emergence of new and potentially more contagious strains – such as the Delta variant – rapid progress in the vaccination roll-out will be vital in alleviating pressure on the health system while achieving a sustained revival in economic activity.

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Equinix And Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund To Build Two Data Centres In Madrid For €230 M

The construction of these facilities is part of an overall plan under which Equinix and GIC will increase their portfolio of xScale data centres with up to 32 new facilities for USD 6.9 billion (EUR 5.783 billion), according to a joint statement. The centres will be divided between Frankfurt (5), Paris (4), Dublin, Osaka, Sao Paulo and Tokyo (3 in each); Madrid and London (2); and Milan, Helsinki, Warsaw and Mexico City, with one data centre in each. Three more data centres will be added to this list and will be announced shortly.


Summer Of The New Normal Will Create More Than 438,500 Jobs, At 2015 Levels

Randstad Research forecasts that the summer campaign will generate 438,550 contracts in Spain, 20.7% more than last year, although still 29.5% below the amount clocked up in 2019. The figure predicted for this year’s summer campaign is on a par with that of 2015, when 437,873 contracts were signed. When the historical series is analysed, it can be seen that, since 2012, the volume of summer contracts has not stopped growing.

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Public Works Tenders In Spain Could Rebound 41% This Year To 2010 Levels

Seopan, the employers’ association of large construction companies and infrastructure concessionaires, estimates that public construction tenders in Spain will grow by 41.5% in 2021 to 20.17 billion euros, which would mean almost 6 billion euros more than a year earlier and recover the levels of 2010.Moreover, taking into account the current pace, it calculates that awarding could close the year with an increase of 12.4% to 7.9 billion euros, which would mean 877 million euros more than in 2020 and return to 2011 values.