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To Borrow Or Not To Borrow: A Dilemma That Depends On What Was Saved During The Pandemic

CaixaBank Research | Unlike in past crises such as the Great Recession, this time the rebound in consumption will be higher: we expect nominal consumption growth in 2021 and 2022 to be higher than the gradual recovery seen in the previous crisis. This higher recovery rate is explained by the fact that much of the savings generated in 2020 were forced and are expected to be undone relatively quickly, and also because the economic support measures have mitigated the impact of the crisis on households. This more rapid recovery in consumption will also drive greater growth in consumer lending, although the extent of the rebound will depend on how the excess savings have been distributed.

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The Merger Of Municipalities In Spain Is Boosted By The Proposed Union Of Two Leading Towns In Extremadura

Since 2013 it has been possible in Spain for two municipalities to merge. In that year the law to “rationalise the structures and reduce the atomisation of the municipal map” came into force. The first mergers of villages in Spain took place in 2013 and 2017, respectively, in two small municipalities of Galicia. Now the town councils of Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena (province of Badajoz, in the region of Extremadura) will open the process of merging to popular consultation, an operation that has aroused particular interest due to the size of both localities.

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Spain Spares Tax Pain For Iberdrola, Endesa; Higher Prices Promise Cashflow Gains Mostly From 2023

Spain’s reversal of plans for a windfall tax on power providers leaves utilities facing modest extra payments rather than multibillion-euro tax bills. Iberdrola SA, one of Spain’s biggest utilities, is a case in point, says Scope Ratings. Enel SpA, the Italian parent of Spanish utility Endesa, has provided less information though it is sticking to an EBITDA forecast for its Spanish activities issued before the energy levy was announced.

Over 90% of foreign companies in Spain expect to increase or maintain their investment in 2020

Spain Not To Reach Pre-Pandemic GDP Level Until Q1’23 VS Germany, France And Italy At End-2022

The European Commission estimates that the Spanish economy will grow by 4.6% in 2021, which represents a cut of 1.6 % compared to the estimate it made in July. According to these calculations, Spain will be the last of the four large euro economies to recover its pre-crisis GDP level. These data contrast with the optimism of the government, which sees a rise in GDP of 6.5% this year and an expansion of 7% a year later.

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Hotel Recovery Consolidates In Spain As Madrid And Barcelona Exceed 2019 Booking Figures

For the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain’s two largest cities, Barcelona and Madrid, have generated more hotel bookings than during the same period two years ago, reaching 111.68% and 102.03% of 2019 figures respectively, as of 24 October 2021, SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index reveals. These figures show the strength of Spanish destinations, beyond the coastal cities of sun and beach tourism, where travellers have already…

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Spain Does Not Fear The Closing Of The Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline As It Has Gas Reserves For 40 To 43 Days

Algeria confirmed at the end of last week the closure of the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline, which supplied Spain and Portugal through Morocco. In addition, the non-renewal of the contract signed with the Moroccan kingdom, which expired last Sunday. The Algerian authorities had already announced they would stop supplying through this channel after 25 years of commercial relations with the Iberian peninsula. However, they had not revealed until now what…

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Understanding the evolution of Spanish exports from a value added perspective

Luís Pinheiro de Matos (Caixabank Research)| The transformation of the Spanish economy in the last decade has been particularly visible in the external sector. It went from losing competitiveness and running ever-increasing deficits between 1997 and 2007 (the current account deficit reached over 9% of GDP) to recovering competitiveness and maintaining a consistently positive foreign balance since 2012 (+1.8% on average over the period 2012-2020). To better understand how this transformation will help the economy after the pandemic, we analyse the trend in exports from a new perspective.


Spanish Industry Starts To Grind To A Halt Due To The Price Of Energy, The Most Expensive In Europe

In September, Spanish industry paid the most expensive energy price in Europe: 102.55 euros MW/h, compared to 43.83 euros in France and 69.19 euros in Germany, El Mundo reports. These prices are an inevitable death sentence, for example, for the over 600 workers at Alcoa’s aluminium factory in San Ciprian (Lugo). They have been demonstrating for weeks, demanding a solution to the announced closure of the plant and a price…

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Will The Spanish Budget Deliver A Fair Recovery?

J.P. Marín-Arrese | The Spanish government boasts that the tabled budget will benefit most citizens, from pensioners to young people, self-employed people or civil servants. It hopes targeting such groups will pay off when election time comes. The government is also pinning its re-election hopes on the bonuses it will give young people to help them find a place to live on their own and on the money for entertainment…

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The Ministry of Inclusion Takes The Largest Share Of The General State Budget for 2022, With €33.3478 Bn

Last week, the Council of Ministers approved the General State Budget Bill 2022. Total Expenditure amounts to 458.97 billion euros (+0.6% YoY or +2.897 billion euros). Social Spending amounts to 248.391 billion euros (+3.6% YoY). For this reason, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration will receive the largest share of the budget for 2022, with €33.478 billion, taking into account that it includes the transfer of €18.396 billion…