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Spain: early elections potentially advantageous for economic prospects

Jakob Suwalski (Scope Ratings) | Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s decision to call early elections is potentially advantageous for Spain’s economic outlook insofar as it should prevent the government from losing six months of valuable time to determine long-term policy goals, even if it means forming a coalition or minority government. This timeframe allows for reforms to be implemented and the country’s fiscal and economic challenges to be addressed. However, the…


Spain In The Electoral Storm: My Kingdom For A Horse

Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja | I don’t want to assign the role of Richard III in the Spanish political drama, but the main contenders, Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, although with different intensity, are doomed to opt for whatever it takes to succeed and fail, like Richard III. The recent debate (combat) in the Senate between the two politicians with pretensions to rent La Moncloa showed desperation, obsession, determination to…

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No joke: 4th Spanish elections in 4 years on November 10

Ana Fuentes | New Spanish elections: the political parties have been incapable of reaching agreement and the Spanish will have to vote again. They will be the fourth elections in four years. A period in which the credibility of the politicians, the patience of the voters and the economic muscle of the country have been worn thin, due to both internal and external factors.

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Spanish elections, little risk for markets

Stephanie Kelly (Aberdeen) | The fragmented nature of the Spanish political system makes it unlikely that any party will secure an absolute majority to govern. Therefore, if a government is going to be formed after these elections – something that cannot be taken for granted given the fractured political system – it will be a minority or coalition government.

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Spanish elections: Will there be a government? What government?

Fernando G. Urbaneja | An unprecedented tornado of elections has fallen on Spain in 2019. In the short space of four weeks Spaniards can place their papers with their electoral preferences in at least 5 urns, to elect the Congress, Senate, European Parliament, Townhalls and a good part of the regional parliaments. Spring superelections which will overturn a good part of the structure of the state.

Spanish elections doubts can reduce spreads between Spain and Portugal

Spanish Elections Doubts Can Reduce Spreads Between Spain And Portugal

Growth in Spain remains strong but the country can withstand some political instability before the results of snap elections that will be held on 28 April. As reported by analysts at Julius Baer, “polls are indicating a hung parliament, but shifts in party policies could enable both a centre-left and a centre-right coalition government to be formed.” The spread difference between Portugal’s and Spain’s 10-year government bonds currently stands at 30 basis points.


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Just 3 Things To Consider Before Investing In Spain

UBS | In this report, we focus on three pivotal questions that we consider crucial for investing in any security in Spain: First, what is the economic outlook for 2016/17, and what are the biggest economic policy challenges that the next government will face? Second, what are the likely scenarios for the outcome of the elections on 26 June? And third, what is the valuation and relative attractiveness of Spanish assets, how will asset markets react to different election outcomes, and what is or is not priced in?