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Foreign Trade Saves The Spanish Economy

In September 2021, Spanish exports grew by 21.9% year-on-year to 28.337 billion euros, a record for the last decade. The figure exceeds by 5 billion euros the peak in sales to the rest of the world recorded in September 2019. In turn, imports also show the highest figure since 2012, with a year-on-year increase of 24.2% to 30.730 billion euros. An increase that is not unrelated to the price of…

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Understanding the evolution of Spanish exports from a value added perspective

Luís Pinheiro de Matos (Caixabank Research)| The transformation of the Spanish economy in the last decade has been particularly visible in the external sector. It went from losing competitiveness and running ever-increasing deficits between 1997 and 2007 (the current account deficit reached over 9% of GDP) to recovering competitiveness and maintaining a consistently positive foreign balance since 2012 (+1.8% on average over the period 2012-2020). To better understand how this transformation will help the economy after the pandemic, we analyse the trend in exports from a new perspective.

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The Competitiveness Of The Spanish Foreign Sector: Where It Is Now And Where It Is Heading

Luís Pinheiro de Matos (CaixaBank Research | The pandemic has been felt in all sectors of the economy, particularly in tourism services, a key sector for the Spanish economy. Nevertheless, the foreign sector held up very well in the face of an unprecedented shock, and despite not having this traditional contribution the current account managed to maintain a surplus. The starting point for rebuilding a path of sustainable growth is better than one might have expected. Focusing on the balance of goods in 2020, a year with a historic fall of 10.8% of GDP, Spanish exports of non-energy goods fell by 8.3%, but managed to remain above 250 billion euros (around 22% of GDP) for the fourth consecutive year.


Spanish Exports Grow At A Rate Of 17% Between January-April

Luis Alcaide | Spanish exports of goods recorded a historic rise of 71.8 % in April to 25.841 billion euros, and imports rose by 63.9 % to 27.138 billion, compared to April 2020, which was marked by the restrictions of the pandemic. n the cumulative January-April period, Spanish exports recorded a rise of 16.9%, (a growth exceeding that of Germany with 11%, and France with 9.6%) totalling 98.149 billion euros, and imports of 10.3%, with 102.709 billion. This leaves in a trade deficit of 4.560 billion euros, 50.3% lower than a year earlier.

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Spanish Exports Have Returned To Pre-Crisis Levels After Growing 30% In March

T.C. | Data on Spanish exports during the first quarter of this year, released yesterday by the “Exporters’ Club”, shows an upturn of 4.9% to 72.307 billion euros. This is 7.9 points higher than the rate for the same period in 2020, which was -3%. So Spanish exports of goods are already at the same level as in 2019. In fact, in March the increase in exports from Spain (29.9%)…

The geographical diversification of Spanish exporters: some yes, others no

The Geographical Diversification Of Spanish Exporters: Some Yes, Others No

Despite the slowdown in Spain’s exports, the number of national companies starting to export and of regular exporters which have been exporting for four years in a row are rising. How strong these exporters are is the question that CaixaBank Research answer analysing the geographical diversity of the destinations to which they export.

Spain’s export map is changing

The Spanish Exports Map Is Transforming

Enrique Fanjul (Real Instituto Elcano) | There has been a lot written lately about the role of the foreign sector as the driver of the Spanish economy’s recovery. There have also been some very interesting academic papers published, which provide us with more details of the new configuration of Spanish exports. The exports map is changing, with non-tourism services an increasingly more important segment.

Spanish exports lack complexity

The Complexity Of Spanish Exports

Spanish exports have seen solid growth over the past few years. Moreover the range of destinations has broadened and the products exported diversified. However, CaixaBank Research points that there is still one important issue to resolve: the complexity of exports.

Spanish industry

Stop all the lamenting: Spanish industry is really taking off

The latest figures have again confirmed what we have been seeing in the last few quarters: Spain is not only not losing industry at the moment, but in fact this is recovering very fast. In January, for example, Spanish industry’s revenues rose 13.1% from a year earlier, the biggest increase since April 2008.