Spanish financial system

Eight Spanish banks brands amongst the 500 most valued worldwide

Spanish financial sector reduces its assets

J.L.M. Campuzano (AEB) | The total assets of the Spanish financial system amounted to 4.7 trillion euros at the end of 2017, almost four times GDP. In 2012 it exceeded 5.2 trillion euros.

Spanish banks and housing market

The Importance Of Housing And The Mortgage System In Spain

Spain’s mortgage system, which is one of the cheapest and with the best financing conditions in Europe, has allowed more than 80% of families to own their own home. So a priority should be put on maintaining the system’s characteristics, in terms of depth and stability.

EU troika blesses Spanish financial system status

EU troika Blesses Spanish Financial System Status

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | The European Union troika paid a visit to Spain and concluded that the country’s banking sector “progresses satisfactorily”. Although the final report will not be unveiled until November, first impressions are promising and represent the gateway of the 2014 stress tests.