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Spanish Fixed Income From Large Issuers Maintains Its Rating Despite The Pandemic

Fernando Rodríguez | 96.3% of the outstanding volume of Spanish fixed income with rating – 1.76 trillion euros – was Investment Grade, BBB or higher – at the end of 2020. This is only three tenths of a percentage point lower than in March of the same year, according to a study included in the CNMV Bulletin for the first quarter of this year, published recently. The supervisor’s study concludes…

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Only 11% Of Spanish Firms Are Selling Their Products And Services In The Global Market Amid The Pandemic

In the coming months, the uneven evolution of the different markets as they exit the crisis will provide an opportunity for those companies capable of grabbing the opportunities of the recovery in the global market. However, 89% of Spanish companies only operate in the domestic market, with no prospects outside our borders. This data has emerged from nearly 250,000 interviews conducted by Iberinform with the management teams of Spanish firms.

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés or Iberdrola, the Spanish firms best prepared to confront 2019

Over 40% of Spanish Firms Plan To Cut Their Workforce Due To Covid-19

More than 40% of Spanish companies are planning or considering cutting their workforce due to the impact of Covid-19. At the same time, 25% of firms have frozen salaries and 16% are reducing them, according to a survey of nearly 1,000 European organisations, carried out by consultancy group Willis Towers Watson. More than one hundred Spanish companies are included in the survey.

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés or Iberdrola, the Spanish firms best prepared to confront 2019

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés Or Iberdrola, The Spanish Firms Best Prepared To Confront 2019

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés or Iberdrola are some of the companies which are best prepared to confront a year which will serve as a point of inflection for the economy facing the uncertainties, both national and international, which will end up damaging economic growth, according to the latest report of the consultancy Advice Strategic Consultants.

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Spanish Firms’Internationalisation Changes Dramatically In 20 Years

The picture of the Spanish economy is changing thanks to the international activities of its companies, which has been increasing since the end of last year. Those firms which already operate overseas are expanding their business, but there is a risk that the uptick in domestic demand could dissuade new companies from leaving their home market.

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Dollar appreciation benefits Spanish firms

MADRID | The Corner | The onset of QE by the ECB will have several consequences but one of the most important is the continued depreciation of the euro against other currencies. The significant appreciation of the dollar, the pound and the Brazilian real in recent months could be very positive for Spanish companies,” but it depends on how they are funded in these countries and whether the currency risk is covered,” said experts BekaFinance.

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Price target of Spanish firms up by +47.3%

MADRID | The Corner | By J.A. Santos | The stock market value of the 60 Spanish firms that we analysed reached €615.973 billion at the close of November 2014. This represents a +6.7% increase with respect to 2013. According to the market consensus, the weighted average earnings per share is €0.85 (-27.9% vs 2013).