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Brussels Pressures Spain To Decouple Pensions From The CPI

Brussels’ concern about the unsustainability of Spain’s pension reform is growing. This comes amidst spiralling inflation and at a time when it has to validate Minister Escrivá’s reform to authorise the transfer of 12 billion euros from the second tranche of the Recovery Plan. The government has yet to ask the European Commission for the payment of the second tranche of the Recovery Plan, the largest, almost 12 billion euros….

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Spain Will Have To Take Extraordinary Measures Before September To Ensure The Payment Of Pensions

Feel Capital | Until September, the government will have pay out over €39.4 billion euros in benefits to the more than 9.8 million pensioners in Spain, as well as to people claiming widowhood, permanent disability, orphanhood and family favour benefits. As a result, it will be forced to take extraordinary measures this summer after the emptying of the pensions’ piggy bank.

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Spanish Pensions’ Replacement Rate Is Third Highest In Eurozone

The average replacement rate in Spain -which is defined as the average pension divided by the economy’s average salary – is 57.7%. This is the third highest in the Euro Zone, 13.6 points over the Euro Zone’s average and 7.2 and 15.7 points higher than that in France and Germany, respectively. Funcas’ experts agree that the replacement rate, one of the highest in Europe, will need to be reduced.

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Forget Tax Collection, Guaranteeing Spanish Pensions Means Reforming The System Itself

The Spanish Ministry of Finance rules out a new specific tax hypothecated to finance pensions. In fact, the majority of developed countries has reformed their pensions systems basing them on various pillars (public/private; obligatory/voluntary) especially the nordic countries. Only Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain maintain a pensions system based solely on obligatory social security contributions.

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The Spanish Pension System And Its Problems

Raimundo Poveda | The Spanish pension system is one more which exists in the OECD and, probably, not one of the worst. Neither are its problems very original. Just like in other countries in the club, the financial hardships which were the result of the Big Recession led to cuts. These were implemented in 2011 by the PSOE, with the PP causing a big scandal, then in 2013 by the PP, with the roles reversed.

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Current And Future Spanish Pensions Are Sustainable

Carlos Bravo | To be able to maintain current Spanish pensions model in 2050, when the large majority of the baby-boom generation will reach retirement age, we will need to raise pension spending to around 15% of GDP. This is a significant challenge, but one which is perfectly doable. The challenges of the system are two-fold: guarantee its financial sustainability and ensure there are sufficient funds available.

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Everything I Wanted To Know About Pensions And Didn’t Dare Ask

If demographics fail, the economy doesn’t grow and employment stagnates, then there is no difference at all between the pay-as-you go system (Spain’s current state pension system) and the capitalisation scheme (put forward as a miraculous solution, now used in private pension schemes), says expert Niko Garnier.


The Myth Of Spain’s Pensions Fund

The Social Security’s pensions fund is emptying. And this is causing huge alarm amongst current and future pensioners who believe, incorrectly, that “there’s going to be no money left and one day they’ll tell us that there is no monthly payment.”