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Spanish Regions Will Need More Than €35 Bn For Social Spending Until 2030

The pandemic has added pressure on the spending of the Autonomous Communities, which represents a third of the public spending of all administrations. Around 68% of this expenditure borne by the regions goes on basic social services: health (37%), education (24.5%) and social protection (6.5%), affected both by the current health crisis and by the long-term impact of the progressive ageing of the population on spending and the low birth rate on income. A study by Funcas outlines a possible scenario for regional social spending and identifies the headings that will be under the greatest upward pressure in the coming years.

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Spanish regions’ “patriotic bonds” trade at discounts of up to 15pc

Hundreds of thousands of retail investors may share an uncomfortable feeling these days, that of being trapped under their holdings of what once was commercialised as ‘patriotic bonds’. Unloading them is proving a difficult task. While most sovereign and sub-sovereign debt securities in the secondary market move millions of euros, daily trade volumes of short-term paper issued in 2011 and 2012 by Spanish regional governments rarely reach the modest figure of €50,000….

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Spanish government meets the regions to set specific deficit targets

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | On Tuesday afternoon, July 31, the Council for Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF by its Spanish initials) will meet the central government in order to establish the deficit target and debt levels of each region in Spain for 2013. It is expected that the regions will adapt themselves to the general targets, which marked a mutual deficit of 0.7% for 2013, 0.1% for 2014…


Spanish regions: “There is no other option, we have to comply” says Montoro

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | Things are getting even more difficult in Spain. First, the recently announced measures of adjustment, then the protests from the mining industry and now it is the turn of the Spanish regions. Minister of finance Cristóbal Montoro said that he wouldn’t be as permissive as Brussels has been with Spain; that the government will not extend the period for the regions to achieve the fiscal…

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Rajoy to Spain’s banking sector: “be transparent and merge”

MADRID | In his the first interview granted to Spanish media as Prime Minister of the Spanish government and after a number of weeks of silence (which has been heavily criticised by the press), Mariano Rajoy explained to new agency Efe some details of his political and economic project for the country. Among many aspects, he spoke of the restructuring of the financial sector for which he announced a re-organisation plan,…