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Spain’s 10-Year IRR In A Zone Of Historic Lows

The yield on the ten-year Spanish sovereign bond in the secondary market hit a new historic low of 0.024% on Tuesday, below the August 2019 low of 0.035%. While the interest on the equivalent German bond was -0.611%, the risk premium offered to investors by Spanish bonds with respect to the ‘bund’ reference was around 63.77 basis points. The Portuguese bond yield fell into negative territory for the first time, standing at -0.013%.

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DAX rocketing, Spanish risk premium at 120bp (and financing costs match US)

MADRID | The Corner | Despite the good performance of Western equities, many values are beginning to show signs of vertigo that could lead them to correct some of the gains of the past weeks in the coming days. In addition, the fact that trading volumes are shrinking as indexes advance is a clear sign that there are investors who feel dizzy levels. Therefore, Link experts point out, we shouldn’t rule out some small reductions in the short term even if it’s in an upward trend context.

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Can Spain become EU’s periphery locomotive?

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy started campaigning for the upcoming European elections on Tuesday. In a radio interview he announced that the country’s unemployment rate has started reversing since job destruction is slowering. The fall of the country’s risk premium and 10-year bonds yields are crucial for companies financing abroad, he recalled. Even though Brussels forecasts are just estimates, they do support the idea that Spain could become the driver of peripheral EU with a growth over Italy, Portugal and even France.

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Ibex 35 Euphoric Thanks to Spanish Risk Premium’s Fall

MADRID | By Francisco López | The risk premium has moved from being a huge torment for Spanish decision-makers, to making headlines showing a recovery of the international confidence in Spain’s economy. The interest rate of the Spanish 10-year bond is at its lowest since 2009, the differential with Germany is around 190 basis points and Ibex 35 widely exceeds 10,000 points.

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Will Spain’s risk premium let the government sleep at last?

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | Spain’s credit quality and solvency is increasingly improving. The country’s risk premium closed at 219 basis points on Tuesday to its lowest level since June of 2012, and under Italy’s. Also Spanish 10-years bonds neared 4% yield, more than double than the German ones. Public debt investors do not have much better options.