Spanish Social Security


The Myth Of Spain’s Pensions Fund

The Social Security’s pensions fund is emptying. And this is causing huge alarm amongst current and future pensioners who believe, incorrectly, that “there’s going to be no money left and one day they’ll tell us that there is no monthly payment.”

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Spanish Social Security lost 100,000 affiliated in August

MADRID | The Corner | Unemployment continues to afflict Spaniards and official figures released on Tuesday added even more pressure on the authorities: 8,700 more jobless people were registered in August, the first rise in unemployment after six months of improvement.

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Spanish Public Pension System Gets a Pro-Manifesto

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | The Spanish Economic and Social Council (ESC) recently received the Government’s draft of the public pension system reform, which is causing lots of controversy since many retirees may lose their only income. In that sense, a group of Spanish economists and jurists have signed a manifesto to explain why the reform is not such a good idea.