Spanish Treasury

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Spanish Treasury takes advantage of investors’ optimism

MADRID | By Francisco López | Markets have positively changed their perception on the Spanish economy, as we saw in Tuesday’s Ibex bullish rally. The index surpassed the 9,800 points barrier. Also, the latest Treasury auctions have been successful and the risk premium is stable.

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Spanish Bonds Benefit from Fed’s Steroids

MADRID | The Corner Team | Spain’s borrowing costs dropped at a double bond auction on Thursday after the U.S. Fed announced it will not start tapering yet. The 3-year bonds were sold at an average yield of 2.225%, compared with 2.636% seen at the previous auction. Madrid expects that this will leave some margin to offset possible negative deviations elsewhere or to better fulfill the country’s deficit target (6.5% for 2013).

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Spanish Treasury: yields still falling despite scuffle with Brussels

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | The new deficit targets established by Brussels left unmoved the Spanish Treasury issuance performance. It has placed €3,009.29 million in bonds and debentures at lower interests, few days after the Spanish government set up a higher deficit target for 201 and after Brussels mended it to a final 5.3% from an initial 4.4%. Specifically, the Treasury has placed €976.18 million of the €4,031.18 million…