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Spain’s Jobless People Cut By 26,329 In September, Record Drop Since 1996; Rate Doubles The Eurozone’s

The labor market in Spain added 84,013 affiliates in September, the largest increase for this month in the series, while the jobless people fell by 26,329, also an historic high for the ninth month of the year, reported the Ministry of Labor today. With this figures the total number of unemployed reached 3,776,485 by the end of September. Even so, Spain leads European unemployment in August, with a rate of 16.2%, which is double than that of the Eurozone (8.1%), according to data published yesterday by Eurostat.

Spain has highest proportion of contracts of 6 months or less

Spanish Unemployment Drops For The First Time Since February: 89,849 People Find A Job In July

The labour market figures in July are very good thanks to the reopening of services and the return of tourism to Spain. Unemployment fell by 89,849 people, the first drop since February.The number of people still affected by temporary layoffs schemes (ERTEs) is now just over one million and the Social Security affiliation average membership is still rising. However, only 17% of the jobs destroyed have been recovered.


1 million new jobs in Spain?

MADRID | Sean Duffy | Yesterday brought positive data on the housing front and on job creation, with Spanish bank BBVA prediciting the economy will reap considerable benefits from the falling oil price.