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Spain renewables auctions in 2022

Wind Power Becomes Spain’s Leading Energy Source For The First Time

According to data from Red Eléctrica, this year wind power installations have already produced more than 56,000 GWh. The importance of this milestone is that wind has outperformed other sources on many occasions, but never before had it done so over the course of a year. Until now, nuclear has been the largest source of energy generation for electricity consumption in Spain. This year it has already produced 50,834 GWh.

Spanish renewable macro-auction

India Snatches Spain’s Fourth Place In Global Wind Energy Rankings

India has snatched away from Spain the fourth place in the global ranking of countries with the greatest installed wind energy capacity, after adding 2,623 MW over the year to reach 22,088 MW. With this figure, the Asian country’s capacity exceeds Spain’s 22,988 MW, becoming fourth in the world for wind energy installations after China, the US and Germany.