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Telefonica to share its networks with Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone in 2,000 more German locations

Norbolsa | Telefonica closed an agreement with Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to share their networks and provide their customers with the same coverage in 2,000 additional German locations. Through this alliance, the German mobile network operators are implementing new initiatives to share infrastructure and improve mobile coverage in rural areas. In the same vein, the three operators also agreed in 2021 to provide coverage in those areas that did not…

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Telefonica And Allianz Create A Partnership To Deploy Fibre In Germany Through An Open Wholesale Company

Telefónica and Allianz have reached an agreement for the creation of a joint venture to deploy Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) in Germany.Both companies will each hold 50% under a co-control governance model. It will be an independent open-access wholesale operator focused on deploying fibre in rural and semi-rural areas of Germany to tap the potential of Europe’s largest broadband market.


Telefónica to reduce its reliance on Huawei

Telefonica Is Creating A Subsidiary To Invest In Fiber In Germany

Banco Sabadell | Telefónica is in the final stages of negotiating an agreement to set up an independent company, which would be responsible for the deployment of a fiber optic network in Germany. The investment in the project is about 5 billion euros. Telefonica would structure the project through its subsidiary Telefonica Infra, which plans to sign an accord with an infrastructure fund and a group of financing banks around the end of October.

Telefónica to reduce its reliance on Huawei

Telefonica Agrees Roll Out Of LTE Network With German Operators

The four mobile operators in Germany have signed a declaration of intentions with the government and local authorities to roll out the LTE network at national level. Telefonica Germany will construct 333 new mobile installations by the end of 2021. As compensation, the government has committed itself to improve the method of payment for the 5G licences auctioned in June.