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Spain: Hotels For Sale

T.C.| The large Spanish hotel chains are seeking liquidity by selling assets and are opting for the ‘sale & leaseback’ option to maintain management. According to Meliá’s director of real estate, Mark Hoddinott, the group is identifying assets worth between 150 and 200 million. NH, the Spanish chain controlled by the Thai group Minor, is also considering the sale and leaseback of several hotels. According to Moody’s, the group expects to generate more than 200 million in additional cash. RIU, a partner of the German group TUI, has three hotels for sale: in Madeira (Portugal), Lanzarote (Spain) and Panama with a combined valuation of around 250 million euros. 

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Foreign tourists in Spain spend 7.8% more until June

MADRID | The Corner | They keep coming and, more important, they spend more money, which adds to the recovery. Foreign tourists visiting Spain spent €2.63 billion in the first semester, a 7.8% more than in the same period of 2013, according to official data. British citizens are the biggest spenders, followed by the Germans. Tourism is a crucial sector of Spanish economy, accounting for more of 10% of GDP.

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In Spain, local tourism finally competes with foreign one

MADRID | The Corner | Spanish national tourism starts to reactivate: the number of travellers residing in Spain grew at the same rate than the number of residents abroad. The recovery in tourist expenditure of the Spanish households suggests that the private consumption may grow in the 2Q14 –although probably at a slower pace than in the previous quarters (+0.4%). The evolution of the heavy traffic in Spain’s toll motorways also points at a recovery in the domestic demand, which is a necessary component to compensate for the loss of pulse of the external sector and allow a new quarterly advance in the 2Q14 activity (+0.4%).

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Today’s market chatter in Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Business confidence reached an all-time high, encouraging the return of strong productive investment. Moreover, Deoleo complex process resolution, downward market trends and much more…

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Nothing wrong with tourism

When you hear tourism in Spain, you may imagine local mayors receiving bribes from developers to re-qualify a piece of natural landscape that will be lost for ever. Think again. It is a strong, diverse and worth-a-fight industry.


Euro zone enters half of top 10 Visa spenders during London Olympics

LONDON | Kevin Burke, director at Visa Inc, believes that the Olympics work as a showcase for athletics, and the same goes for tourism. Burke released Wednesday data on Visa accounts spending levels of international travelers during the second week of the London 2012 Games, which reached $716.7 million. The figures mark a steady line, the total being $1.4 billion. Visitors from the US lead the top 10 list, some…

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It’s sunny over Spain’s hotel industry

MADRID | The hotel sector in Spain has released its June data. It’s mainly positive news, in line with the optimistic expectations of the financial City of Madrid and efforts of the industry to reactivate the domestic demand without missing foreign tourist interest. Year on year, tourist visit rate increased by 4.7 percent to six million. Accumulated growth in the first half of 2012 was of 2.9 percent to 25.1…

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Emerging economies heat up global tourism activity

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In the last six years citizens’ expenditure from emerging and fast growing economies in international tourism services has more than doubled, whereas in the G7’s it has barely grown. The gap in the aggregate expenditure is closing very fast, according to BBVA recent research. While in 2005 the total of the emerging block was only a quarter of the G7’s, in 2011 it was more…

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The end of the Arab Spring effect on Spain’s tourism industry

More tourists so far than last year, but a downward move in traditionally important markets for Spain’s tourism sector. The accumulate figures this year from January to April indicate a rise of 1.1 percent in foreign tourists, with a total of 13.7 million, coming to Spain comparing to the same period in 2011. But April brought a fall in numbers by 4.5 million or 1.7 percent less foreign tourists in contrast…