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U.S. progressive budget reminds us that government can create jobs

NEW YORK | By Nell Abernathy via Next New Deal |Unemployment is still a major problem in the U.S., and the best solutions involve a more aggressive government response. The skeptics will argue that the government is too inefficient and bureaucratic to effectively create middle class jobs and support economic growth. But the 2009 stimulus package provides a prime example of effective government intervention: it was designed to create 2-3 million jobs, and it succeeded.

Ungovernable America

Ungovernable America

SHANGHAI | By Andy Xie via Caixin | A minority enraged at another expansion of the U.S. government will eventually cause a default, ending the dollar’s dominance and making gold dearer.


U.S. Government: Prosecutors Take the Lead

WASHINGTON |  By PABLO PARDO |  With Barack Obama’s popularity decline, those who are taking the lead are prosecutors. The Justice Department is using techniques that had usually been the domain of criminal investigations to pursue crimes on Wall Street.