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Federalism: Not a United States of Europe, please!

AMSTERDAM | By at NRC Handelsblad via Presseurop | If the EU is to continue to exist, then its representatives will have to be clear about their ultimate objective. This should not be a federation of states, but a Union which sets its sights on further horizons, defends its diversity, puts an end to its expansion and establishes a legal basis for further integration, says academic Paul Scheffer writes. Excerpts.


Don’t give up on the EU just yet

By Chris Kendall | The nation state is no more ‘natural’ a political unit than any other, including the EU. Arguments against the EU which are premised on the notion that the nation state has more legitimacy are fundamentally flawed.

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The Cércle des Économistes’ recommendations to save the euro

how can i get back with my ex This year's edition of the rencontres économiques, which the French Cércle de Économistes hosts in Aix-en-Provence since 2001, was condemned to debate the worrying health of the euro zone. The subject might have ruined the weekend when it took place, from July 6, though that didn't happen, probably because there is little coincidence in the fact that this economists' lobby seeks no common…


“Germany will accept Eurobonds only when Italy requests bailout”

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | José Luis Herrera, analyst at CMC Markets, considers that it’s necessary a Federal Europe in order to achieve economic policies with a combination of austerity and growth. In his opinion, authorities need to undertake growth measures that have an effect on the real economy, but avoiding a new bubble. You recently said in an interview that world central banks could take a joint action…