US china trade dispute

Fears of a slowdown more pronounced

Fears of a slowdown more pronounced

Investment Desk, Bank Degroof Petercam │ Fears of a slowdown are more pronounced. We are seeing a slight reduction in trade tensions since President Trump announced a partial delay in the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese products. The tariffs on approximately half of the 300,000 goods subject to the measures will be introduced from 15 December instead of September.

China drags US farmers into trade dispute

China Drags US Farmers Into Trade Dispute

In response to the US tariffs on Chinese exports worth USD 50 billion, it threatened to impose levies of 25% on a range of US goods worth about the same amount, including soybeans. The US is one of two world’s largest sellers of soybeans, together with Brazil. China is the world’s dominant buyer, accounting for more than 60% of all imports