US congress

US Congress

Economic Fallout: Here Comes Congress?

“It would be a mistake to believe that anything US Congress approves will be a definitive solution for the economy, at least in the short term. As for the size that the economic aid should have, PIMCO believes that “an increase in public spending of 4% could serve to compensate for the economic damage in the short term”


Will Trump set his house on fire?

The US Congress used to bully the White House by threatening to put a lid on public expenditure, forcing the administration to face failure. Mr Trump has turned the rules of the game upside down by menacing that he will do this should Congress fail to fund the Mexican wall.

Federal Reserve

Fed’s Rate Hike At Risk Of Being Politicised

Fed President Janet Yellen has pointed out very politely that the law to reform the central bank is “a serious mistake.” She believes monetary policy cannot be linked to indicators like in a mathematical formula.

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In-depth: Republican US Congress? Big budget showdown unlikely

WASHINGTON | BNP Paribas analysts | Republicans won control of US Congress this week. Latest projections suggest the GOP has taken over the Senate. Given that the Republicans are very likely to retain a working majority in the House, we can expect the party to control both houses of Congress at least until the end of 2016. A severe budget showdown is unlikely.