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An Overall Decrease In Dividends Per Share Of Between 16% And 36% Is Expected In 2020

Sean MarKowicz (Schroders) | The economic fallout of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc for income-seeking investors. Across the globe, interest rates have tumbled to record lows and equity dividends have been drastically cut.For example, this year dividends per share are expected to fall by 16% to 36% across the globe compared with 2019, with the UK and emerging markets (EM) among the worst affected regions. This has left investors nursing losses from normally dependable sources of income. 

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Dividends grow globally 12.9%, up to $497.4 billion

Intermoney | American companies continue to benefit from the favourable tail winds of solid growth in the world´s biggest economy and from the aftermath of the fiscal reform, which has also served to improvement in payments to shareholders.