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Nobody waiting for the Federal Reserve

WASHINGTON| By Pablo Pardo | The US private sector already reached the same employment figures it had before the subprime crisis started. This is one of the first solid signs of the so-called Gran Recession at the other side starting to fade. Given that the Federal Reserve has a dual mandate, including price stability as well as full employment, that suggests the still leading world economy- which could become the second after China if the World Bank’s forecast is correct- is beginning to take cruising speed.


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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac vs. Greece

From Citigroup analysts : “Ultimately, the decision taken by the Fed was in line or even went beyond what was expected. The reinvestment of MBS debt by more than $20bn per month was good news for the real estate market, which still shows no clear signs of recovery. The IMF itself has already included in its financial stability report the possibility of going ahead with haircuts in the agencies’ debt…