US inflation

A world with less inflation

Inflation: A Little Can Turn Out To Be A Lot

Just a couple of years ago, deflation was a concern for US economists. And, although it’s true that this threat has almost disappeared, rises in prices have shown themselves to be surprisingly elusive.


A period of stagflation waas seen in the 80's

Are We Going To Be Talking About Stagflation Once Again?

After US inflation beat estimates in January, it’s likely the market will end up putting even more emphasis on the possibility of seeing inflation rates higher-than-expected months ago, or even stagflation. And, unfortunately, this will continue to spark potential over-reactions which would give way to strong, quick movements.

Fed monetary policy

FED, ECB monetary policy: communication counts when doubts increase

The minutes released by the FED and the ECB last week shared concern about how to inform about their monetary stance. They fear unsettling the markets should investors wrongly interpret the messages conveyed to them.  When you lack a clear policy perspective, the best thing you can do is to manage communication in a fairly tight way.

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US inflation fall will offset poor EU data

The Corner | May 22, 2015 | Three main market drivers to watch today: German IFO confidence index, which is expected to disappoint following the ZEW steps; a lower US inflation, far from the Fed’s 2% target –which would serve as a catalyst so that the bags are listed the lack of arguments to raise interest rates this year. Besides, Mario Draghi could address the unemploment issue.