US job losses

US jobs

US jobs: Steepest Monthly Drop Since The 1930S Depression

Janwillem Acket (Julius Baer) | After initial jobless claims topped 33 million since 12 March, US labour market statistics for April showed massive job losses. As was to be expected, the usually cyclically robust services were a major source for redundancies, because they particularly suffered from the lockdown measures. However, there are reasons to expect that April 2020 could mark a low as fiscal and monetary incentives, next to a relaxation of the lockdowns, are prone to start a rehiring wave again.

US jobs

China Spending To Help Boost American Job

Henry M. Paulson Jr via Caixin | Trade does result in very real and serious job losses, while its benefits are spread more broadly over the entire U.S. economy. Yet many job losses are not a result of trade; they are actually driven by productivity gains related to rapid advancements in technology, a powerful force disrupting labor markets globally and affecting numerous countries, including the U.S. and China.