US rate hikes

Fed monetary policy

FED, ECB monetary policy: communication counts when doubts increase

The minutes released by the FED and the ECB last week shared concern about how to inform about their monetary stance. They fear unsettling the markets should investors wrongly interpret the messages conveyed to them.  When you lack a clear policy perspective, the best thing you can do is to manage communication in a fairly tight way.

Markets focus on US rate hike hints

US Rate Hikes Will Make It Difficult To Reach 2016 Debt Issuance Volumes

In general terms, leaving aside certain nuances, the short-term outlook in the US will be such that it will allow the Fed to raise interest rates, which will be taken as a positive symptom. But on the downside, this will mean higher funding costs. So issuers have already begun to anticípate these rate hikes which will make it difficult for them to match the debt issuance volumes of 2016.