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Geopolitical risks for 2019

What recession?

Jessie J. (Unigestion) | Growth drivers have stabilised considerably since June, following the end of the slowdown that started in January 2018. The “mid-cycle” pause called by Fed Chair Jerome Powell has led to a one-of-a-kind situation: world growth remains decent while monetary policy has become once again incrementally more accommodative.

Big gap

US banks vs European banks: Why such a gap in returns

Ofelia Marín Lozano | Why in the last 11 years, an investor in the American banking sector has obtained a positive profitability of 70%, whereas an investor in the European banking sector has obtained a negative return of 60%.




Why are US markets at record highs while European bourses remain in the doldrums?

The main US stock indices (S&P 500 and the Nasdaq) are at record highs while the European bourses have lost over 10% in the year to date. And that’s despite the fact that they recovered almost all of their ‘Brexit’ losses in July. Such a disparate performance is not because US corporate profits have been better, as you might expect, but is due to other factors associated with more solid economic growth, a healthy jobs market and inflation-related gains.



The ‘Conundrum’ Of US Stocks’ High Valuation

“This abnormal aversion to risk may be the worst legacy of the crisis. The reason why US companies do not use their extremely high profits – and stock market valuations – to invest, open up new markets…but rather to buyback their own shares and further boost their share price and bonuses.”