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Equities vs bonds: buy real returns

The Market after the Summer: The Emerging Epicentre of a Crisis

I. de la Torre and L. Torralba (Arcano Partners) | The economist Dornbusch says that “crises take long to arrive than you can possibly imagine, but when they do come, they happen faster than you can possibly imagine”. The events that have affected the emerging countries this summer have proven Dornbusch was right.

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Trade wars: An old hope

David Page (AXA IM) |  We believe the US has been using tariffs primarily as a negotiation tool; China appears a special focus. But domestic political motives also appear to be a driver.

Trump unchained: Danger ahead for Europe

The EU To Impose Retaliatory Tariffs On The US

As all signs point to a trade war with the United States, should the US impose tariffs on EU steel and aluminum, the European Union has decided to immediately activate balancing measures as an alternative to US tariffs which are intended to take effect on Friday June 1st.