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Workers Of The World Unite! How The Post-Pandemic Recovery Is Increasing The Bargaining Power Of Labour

Katherine Davidson (Schroders) | More than 114 million people lost their jobs over 2020, according to the International Labor Organization. Even more saw their working hours and wages cut. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the post-pandemic recovery is seeing a shortage of labour – pushing up wages and shifting the balance of power in workers’ favour for the first time in decades.


Empowering U.S. workers to challenge corporate decision making

NEW YORK | By Richard Kirsch via next New Deal | If we are to give American workers the ability to bargain for a fair share of the wealth they create, we need strengthen labor law and bring in 34 millions workers (one-in-four) who are now excluded from the National Labor Relations Act.  These include domestic workers, farmworkers, front-line workers with minimum supervisory responsibilities, and public employees.