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Austerity trades democracy for technocracy

Austerity and free market regulations have created a band of loyal followers: The Precarious. And they are threatening the jewel European civilization, social security, argues Belgian writer Geert Van Istandael.

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European austerity, the most feared

Austerity is increasingly becoming a danger, not only for the euro peripheral economies, but for the rest of the developed economies, too. Will the European Central Bank take action?

The Irish economy bets on fiscal green | By Sara Ficocelli | After two years of radical austerity the Irish economy is going through an upswing, thanks to new revenue the state is collecting from renewable energy and from taxing fossil fuels and rubbish.

Danger! A radical eurozone

By Steen Jakobsen, chief economist at Saxo Bank | “The greatest danger, unless something is done, is that social tensions scale and political radicalism grows in Europe, with unemployment pushing young people against the institutions and the private sector telling the public sector that enough is enough.”

We still need a Banking Union in 2013

By Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, XTB analyst | The toxic assets aren’t just linked to real estate and construction companies, but to sovereign debt holdings, too. Which is why, without a Banking Union the whole euro nightmare will repeat itself.

How Portugal charms investors

Presseurope | by  | Hard-hit by the crisis, Lisbon is wooing rich investors from its former colonies. Anyone who invests in the country has a good chance of obtaining a visa — and an open door to the rest of Europe.