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Spain among six EU countries failing to reduce gas consumption target by 15% between August 2022 and March 2023

Alphavalue / Divacons | According to Eurostat, Spain recorded the third worst record in the European Union despite having reduced its gas consumption by 10.8% between August 2022 and March 2023 and is among the six countries that have failed to achieve the 15% target, although EU consumption has fallen by 17.7% compared to the average August-March figures between 2017-2022. Data released on Wednesday by the EU statistics office Eurostat…

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Litmus test for American and European inflation will be between April and July, when March-June data is published

Bankinter | The US inflation published today is for February, so we should not expect it to ease because it still compares with months in 2022 before the invasion of Ukraine and, therefore, before the sharp price rises. That means that the real litmus test for inflation (both American and European) will take place between April and July, when the March-June records are published. It was in those months that…

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EU Should Demonstrate Unity toward China

The ifo Institute has called for a show of unity toward China. In recent years, the trade imbalance between Germany and China has tipped significantly in China’s favor, but the same is not true for EU-China trade relations, according to an ifo study. “For this reason, it is questionable whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s trip to China will on its own be enough to send the right message. It would have…

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EU formally adopt the new CAP; Spain to get €37,000 M for farmers and €8,000 M for rural development

The countries of the European Union adopted on Thursday the common agricultural policy (CAP) for the period that will apply from January 2023, with which the bloc wants to increase the contribution of the agricultural sector to the fight against climate change and creates a new management model based on national strategic plans. The CAP reform process has taken three years of work between member states and European institutions.

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“Even Farmers, Subsidised By The EU Common Agricultural Policy, Voted For Brexit”

Tristan de Bourbon | “In some cities like Boston, on the coast, half the population and half the schoolchildren came from Eastern Europe. But it is true that immigration does not explain all of Lincolnshire’s Brexit vote. Look, even farmers, heavily subsidised by the European Common Agricultural Policy, voted for Brexit because they were fed up with all the European controls. The European system is totally absurd: you receive aid according to the area you own, whether you farm or not,” says Edward Leigh, Conservative MP, former Chairman of the British Public Accounts Committee.

EU Budget the CAP beyond 2020 1073x480 1

Will Portugal’s EU Presidency Protect Agricultural Producers?

European Views | Tensions over agricultural policy have been building steadily since November, when Frans Timmermans, the Vice-President of the EC, and one of the leading figures in the European Green Deal, questioned whether the €258.3 billion (in constant prices) budgeted for the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and €90 billion for the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) were fully compliant with the European Green Deal and EU climate targets as they stood.

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What To Make Of The EU-UK Trade Agreement

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | I haven’t read the 1,246 pages of the EU-UK trade agreement, so I’m going to rely on trusted sources to make sense of the accord. For example, David Allen Green of the Financial Times argues the trade agreement leaves much unchanged. The Joint Partnership Council, alternating between Brussels and London, will be able to make binding decisions without the involvement of lawmakers. So much for UK “independence”.


Brexit Christmas Eve Gift: A Deal “In Extremis” And Decaffeinated, But A Deal

After 47 years of membership in the EU and 1,645 days since the British citizens voted their way out, finally early in the afternoon of the 24th, negotiators Michel Barnier and David Frost reported on the agreement on the conditions of exit and their new commercial relationship, which amount to near €900 Bn annually. This last minute deal avoids one of the biggest risks facing the Eurozone in recent years, but it is “vague in many aspects” and “both parties will force specific changes in the future”, say analysts.

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A More European Germany Than Ever Presiding Over Europe

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | Germany takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union Council from July. The other member states’ expectations are high. All the dimensions of the health, social and economic impact of the coronavirus are still unknown. But we know that the consequences could be immense. All together to relaunch Europe” is the German Presidency’s motto and one which is not just words. Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel are committed to it.