PP wins the European elections with 34% of vote and 22 seats, 30% and 20 seats for PSOE

With a turnout of 49%, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo’s Partido Popular has increased its lead over the PSOE to 4 points (700,000 votes) (when in the general elections a year ago the lead was less than 1.5 points) and has won 22 of the 61 MEPs that Spain sends to the European Parliament. Yesterday, Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE held on, with 30% of the vote and 20 seats, largely at the expense…


PP renews absolute majority in Galicia, PSOE loses third of seats

For her part, the vice-president of the Government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, obtained 4.4% of the votes in her town (Fene) and did not win a single deputy in the regional assembly, so the memes ran last night through the social networks: “Sumar and Podemos double their results to the previous elections: In the previous elections they got nothing, and in these, nothing at all”. Nor did the…

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PNV refuses to support PP: either Sánchez or stalemate

The president of the Euzkadi Buru Batzar of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, telephoned the president of the Partido Popular on Monday night, who had tried to contact him earlier in the day. Ortuzar informed Núñez Feijóo of the PNV’s refusal to begin talks with a view to facilitating his investiture as President of the Spanish Government, a decision agreed at the meeting held by the EBB after the 23J elections….

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Feijóo defeats Sánchez, who resists but will not be able to govern without the fugitive Puigdemont

José Hervás (Capital Madrid)| Spain is entering a situation of political deadlock. The result of the elections, in which the PP was the winning party with 136 seats, does not make it easy for Feijóo to form a new Executive as he does not have the necessary 176 seats, together with the 33 seats of VOX, to obtain the necessary majority required for the presidency. A tug-of-war is foreseen between…


Elections: No one wins, no one loses… what a mess!

Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja | With half a dozen seats still to be counted, including those from abroad that will be counted on Friday, the outcome of the elections is still uncertain. The risk of a deadlock, i.e. that no one will be able to form a sufficient coalition to install a president, is a reasonable hypothesis. More than ever, it may be concluded that everyone has lost and no one…

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Last day for polls to be published: PP (147 MPs) may have more seats than the sum of PSOE (108) and Sumar (34) and govern with support of Vox (29)

The latest polls show a scenario of great uncertainty, in which Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s Partido Popular would win 147 seats in its most likely outcome, ahead of Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE, which would win 108. Sumar would be the third force with 34 seats, ahead of Vox, with 29, and the nationalist parties. ERC retains 10 seats, Junts gets 9, EH Bildu 6, PNV 5, while CUP and BNG would get…

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Implications of the July 23rd election for Spanish utilities

Morgan Stanley| With the general elections just around the corner (July 23rd), Rob Pulleyn has published a report in which he discusses the possible outcomes of the elections (and therefore possible energy policies) and their implications for utilities with exposure to Spain. Overall, he believes that the impact will be significant, but in his baseline scenario, he believes that Spanish utilities will generally do well as a result of the…

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Sánchez’s return of 3.5% to whoever lends him money for July 23 campaign is higher than that of Treasury Bills

The PSOE activated its microcredit campaign on 12 June and by Friday had already received €2.7 million . The party has improved the conditions it has already offered in the past, since, in the two previous campaigns for the 2019 general elections, the interest generated was 2% and 2.5% respectively. The amount raised by the campaign for the April 2019 elections was €2,454,200, which was doubled for the general elections…


Spain: everyone will agree with everyone

Fernando González Urbaneja | The aim of politicians is to achieve power, to whatever degree possible, but power. And the laws of democracy are conditioned by arithmetic, that is, to achieve the sum of votes that will give greater or lesser access to power. These are two principles that we are going to see in action over the coming weeks in the city councils and autonomous governments that are in…