Isabel Díaz Ayuso

Madrid, Fed Up With “The Left”

T.C. | Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the PP president of the Community of Madrid, swept to victory in the elections to the Madrid Assembly and will be able to govern alone. With her 65 deputies (the absolute majority is 69), she will only need the abstention of Vox (13 deputies), the party to her right, to form a government. With a historic turnout of 76%, the highest in the history of…

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Eurozone housing prices

European House Prices: Time For Regulators To Hit The Brakes?

Scope Ratings | European house prices increased on average by 6.2% in 2020. That was twice the annual rate of the last decade and even higher than growth in the economically very favourable last five years. Few banks have so far amended their underwriting criteria and, in most countries, previous macroprudential measures have been reduced and/or halted. As such, this may be the right time for regulators to become proactive.

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India covid19

India, As The Country Battles With COVID-19

Marcus Weston (La Française Group) | Back in June 2020, India’s sovereign credit rating was hit by a double downgrade. First, Moody’s lowered its rating from Baa2 to Baa3. Two weeks later, Fitch lowered its own BBB- India rating outlook, also from stable to negative. Given that the COVID outbreak was one of the catalysts of the June 2020 rating actions, there has understandably been rising market concern that the catastrophic growth in COVID cases on the subcontinent in recent weeks could now trigger the downgrade of India below its critical investment grade status.

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Isabel Perez Nivela

“In London You Almost Have To Apologise For Having A Dominical Chairwoman”

Fernando Rodríguez López de Andújar | Isabel perez Nivela is vice-president for legal affairs at Coca Cola European Partners, the bottling company that last year had a turnover of 10.6 billion euros (-11%) and was already listed in Amsterdam. so “taking advantage of brexit, which forces us to have a European market of reference, we have domiciled (Coca-Cola EP) in Amsterdam, whose stock exchange is quadrupling its business volumes since the brexit agreement. Amsterdam also has other prerogatives for long-term shareholders, such as allowing loyalty shares and other corporate governance issues that are not allowed in london. there you almost have to apologise for having a dominical chairwoman, even if she is appointed by a shareholder with more than 30% of the capital”.

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Christoph M. Schmidt

“The Rapid Recuperation In World Trade Has Already Enabled Industry to Almost Completely Recover”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | Christoph Schmidt, chairman of the Franco-German economic think tank for the past year – when he stepped down as chairman of the council of wise men advising the Berlin government – makes no secret of his concerns: “Both the European Green Deal and the Next Generation EU nourish the hope that Europe will emerge stronger from this crisis in the end. But between the EU’s ambitious plans and the final success, the final results, there is a long way to go. And on that road, member states will have to undertake the structural reforms that will increase their long-term growth potential and show their readiness to return to compliance with the stability and growth pact, with the debt rules”.

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