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Spain goes into debt to fill the pension pot

Can you imagine taking out a loan to open a bank deposit? Well, that is what Spain is doing to fill the pension fund with 7 billion. Last year, the pension system needed to borrow 50 billion from the state to meet pension payments. This 50 billion shortfall is exactly 3.6% of GDP. And it is exactly the figure for the Spanish public deficit in 2023. But that is no…

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Brussels accuses Apple of breaching EU’s Digital Markets legislation

A new blow to Apple from Europe. The European Commission (EC), the executive arm of the European Union (EU), announced on Monday that the tech giant is in breach of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) with its App Store, as it prevents app developers from “freely directing consumers to alternative channels of offers and content”. In addition, the EC has opened a new investigation against the company. “Under the DMA,…

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US China trade tensions

China catches up with EU’s exports to Africa, but imports far less

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | The European Union has a historically strong economic relationship with Africa, but its dominant position has gradually been challenged by the rise of China, especially as a key exporter to Africa. In 1995, China’s exports to Africa were only $1.8 billion, significantly lower than the EU’s exports of $45 billion. However, after nearly thirty years’ of increasing its manufacturing capacity, China’s exports to Africa reached…

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Isabel Dutilh

“European funds are not reaching companies. There is total inefficiency”

Isabel Dutilh, director of Elecnor, Banco Alcalá and Millenium Real State explains in an interview with Mari Pinardo in the magazine Consejeros that “Europe has to have control of the funds and this requires a certain amount of bureaucracy, but in the end it is so much bureaucracy that it generates frustration and people give up applying for them”. Q – There are continuous and constant legislative changes, what do…

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“In banking funds, there are sales targets and conflicts of interest”

Fernando Rodríguez| “The big picture of Indexa is that we aspire to be the leading independent asset manager in Europe” says Ramón Blanco, founder and director of Indexa Capital Group Q- What is the equity story or investor proposition of Indexa’s shares?A- What is listed is Indexa Capital Group, and underneath it hang three operating companies: Indexa Capital – a broker-dealer, the French insurance broker Indexa Courrier d’assurance and the…

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