Spanish Labour Market, 2020: The Year Of The Massive Destruction Of Employment

Bankia Estudios | Last year ended with the loss of more than 100,000 Spanish companies, a fall of 360,105 Social Security affiliates – the first decline in seven years – and an increase of 724,532 unemployed. It must be added 755,613 workers under temporary lay-offs programs and 349,342 self-employed receiving extraordinary unemployment benefits; in other words, more than 1.1 million people who, although technically still considered employed, are not actually working or are working reduced hours.

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Angela Merkel, A Chancellor Difficult To Replace

Lidia Conde | Over the weekend in Germany, the CDU elected Angela Merkel’s replacement as head of the party. They bet on continuity with the election of the moderate Armin Laschet. For the first time in Germany’s history, the person who occupies the chancellor’s office is leaving voluntarily. And she does so with the respect and recognition of her opponents and successors, both in the CDU and in the government.

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The week that was: some are taking back control, others are stranded in Iowa by 1.1%, but spill-over from coronavuris would be bigger

China Has A Buffer For Contingencies

Intermoney | China surpassed its economic growth previous to the health crisis. Specifically it recorded 6.5% per year in Q4’20, when in the same period in 2019 it grew by 6%. Thus guaranteeing China’s rapid recovery, while also highlighting the country’s margin for facing up to any temporary turbulence linked to the resurgence of COVID-19. Furthermore, China would encourage the population to continue working to limit the number of people returning to their places of origin during the New Year celebrations.

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“It Is Much More Difficult To Mobilise Spanish Funds’ Vote Than That Of Foreigners”

Fernando Rodriguez | “When the Long Term Investment Directive appeared, analysts at JPMorgan or Fidelity received you in London with a smile… The ‘engagement’ was something already insisted on by the company. Where I hope it will have more impetus – the transposition of the directive – is with Spanish investors or funds, which are very passive. When you want to mobilise their vote, it much more difficult than it is with foreign funds, which have taken it more on board ,” explains Rafael Piqueras, chairman of Emisores Españoles* and a board member of Enagás.

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“This Year We Have Approved 35 Patents And Have 65 In The approval Process”

Mari Pinardo | Soltec has launched the first initial public offering in Spain in two years, and with unquestionable success: it was trading at 4.8 euros at the end of October and in mid-December the share price had risen to 7.62 euros. In 2019, the firm supplied 9% of the solar trackers installed worldwide, and it occupies the 3rd position in the global accumulated amount. We talked to CEO, Raul Morales.

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