The hospital Isabel Zendal, one of the main vaccination centres in Madrid

Spain Is The European Country With The Highest Percentage Of People Vaccinated With All Doses

Vaccination against Covid-19 began in Spain exactly on December 27, 2020. Seven months later, the country has passed the milestone of 25 million immunized, and specifically as of July 22, the Spanish public health system has surpassed the United Kingdom (53.39%), the United States (48.28%), Germany (48.18%) and France (44.07%) in percentage of vaccinated population (54.32%) and is above the European average (36.79%), according to the Our World in Data ranking (University of Oxford). Also, Spain already occupies the second position in the ranking of the 5 countries with more than 10 million inhabitants that immunize the fastest, after Chile, which has managed to protect 62.19% of its population against the coronavirus.

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Britain Walks Back Commitment to Gibraltar

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | It agreed to put Gibraltar in the Schengen Area to avoid the need for border controls… Did the British not read the fine print when they signed their Brexit deals? Not only do they regret agreeing to a lay a customs border down the Irish Sea to avoid the need for passport checks and inspections of goods on the Ireland-Northern Ireland border; they also have…

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Commodities Had Their Best Quarterly Performance In A Decade

WisdomTree | The Bloomberg Commodity Total Return (BCOM TR) Index posted its third consecutive month of gains in June 2021, capping the quarter with a 13.3% q-o-q gain, the strongest since Q4 2010. Demand for commodities is rising as pandemic era restrictions are being lifted, while bottlenecks are providing supply challenges. Not all commodity sectors performed equally in the reporting month (which ended 16th July), with precious metals sliding 3.6%,…

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ramiro mato

“A Lot Of Things Are Not Defined. We Don’t Know What Is Green, What Is Brown…”

Fernando Rodríguez | “Nor do we know what rules the EBA is going to impose on these issues, or how some of the measures the ECB may take will affect capital ratios. So regulation is making it difficult for us to grow, because of all the limitations and all the capital requirements being imposed on us,” explains Ramiro Mato, chairman of the responsible banking, sustainability and corporate governance committee at Santander Bank: “For example, in Poland 70% of energy still comes from coal, and we cannot stop financing our customers all at once.”

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Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

“Modern Monetary Theory Has A Weakness: Nominal Government Bond Rates Are Not Always Low”

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Princeton professor and BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award winner, says: “As public debt grows, rates tend to rise, until they are close to those of private debt, which are higher than the rate of GDP growth. The spreads on public and private debt are not immutable over time and, paradoxically, some people seem to think that this is the case, that the coupon on…

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