Spain Bets On The Renewable Hydrogen And Aims To Become a Exporter To The EU

Spain does not want to be left behind in the area of renewable hydrogen, currently the most efficient technological solution for storing and transporting energy. The  government has already launched a consultation of its ‘Hydrogen Roadmap’. The draft includes 57 measures to prepare the regulatory framework and sets targets for 2030 such as reaching an installed capacity of 4 GW, which represents 10% of the target set by the European Commission for the whole of the EU.

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Europe’s second wave

Europe’s virus resurgence weighs on growth momentum: a sharp rise in virus cases has dampened European growth momentum, with the Euro area composite PMI new orders declining from a peak of 53 in July to 50 in September, following the sharp rebound from a trough of 14 in April. Weaker domestic growth momentum, in combination with uncertainty on US fiscal stimulus and rising real bond yields, has led the Stoxx 600 to decline by 5% over the past week to a two-month low of 355.

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Wage Income Cut By $3.5 Tr Globally In Q1’19, 5.5% Of World GDP

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), wage income in the world has fallen by 10.7% in the first nine months of 2020, equivalent to $3.5 trillion or 5.5% of global GDP in the first three quarters of 2019. From the perspective of income, the positive side is that the figures do not take into account government subsidies which have provided a key safety net for families’ vital consumption.

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“The CaixaBank-Bankia Operation Is The Teaming Up Of Two Peas In A pod”

Manuel Moreno Capa | “The concentration of entities is a mantra of the ECB and the EBA. For me it is not evident that the reduction of costs -slow and expensive- is going to make profitability appear where there is none. Caixabank and Bankia are the outcome of several large mergers and takeovers from the 2009 round. Therefore they have not overcome their difficulties,” said Santiago Fernández Valbuena, president of Aedas Homes, vice-president of EBN Bank and director of Ferrovial.

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“In The International Arbitrations, The Spanish Regulator Agreed With The Electricity Oligopoly’s Arguments”

Mari Pinardo | Rocío Hortigüela, member of Grenergy’s Board of Directors, explains that a “healthy struggle” between the regulator and the regulated is natural. “But when the forces can be unbalanced in certain situations of crisis or misgovernment, we need to rely on a truly independent and agile judicial system to put things back in order,” she adds. “Unfortunately, in Spain’s case, when these imbalances have occurred in recent history, the judicial system has proved to be neither agile nor independent,” says.

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