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Sánchez’s Second Anti-Inflation Plan Comes Into Force Today

The package of measures – valued at 9 billion euros and approved last Saturday by Pedro Sánchez’s government – to contain the impact of the inflationary spiral, comes into force today. The Royal Decree, with measures ranging from pensions to the butane cylinder, electricity generation and the gas market, was published in the BOE yesterday, Sunday. This was just hours after being announced by the Prime Minister following an extraordinary…

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Heathrow hikes passenger estimates for 2022: will recover 67% of pre-Covid levels this year

Bankinter | The UK’s Heathrow airport has improved its passengers’ estimate for 2022 to 54,4 million, which would mean a recovery of 67% of 2019 levels. It’s an improvement of 3% on the 52,8 million forecast in April. The company foresees revenues doubling to 2.593 billion pounds and adjusted EBITDA growing 257% to 1.370 billion pounds. That said, it has warned that uncertainty remains high and that there are significant…

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Times Of Change For Economic Policy

José Ramón Díez (Caixabank Research) | The global economic scenario continues to face the effects of a triple shock on global supply (bottlenecks, war and zero-COVID policy) which is keeping commodity prices strained, continues to erode confidence among economic agents and has sent alarm bells ringing in the financial markets, with increased volatility and sharp price corrections. In spite of all the above and the scarcity of information published for…

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“The Rise In Inflation Is Largely Due To Speculation. The ECB Will Not Be Able To Stop It By Raising Rates”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | explains Marcel Fratzscher, president of the DIW (Berlin Institute for Economic Research) who headed the ECB’s International Economic Policy Analysis Department in 2008-2013. In an interview to be published in this month’s issue of Consejeros magazine, Fratzscher explains that “The ECB is habdicapped because it cannot tacle the problem by raising rates, neither this year nor the next”, which is why “I am not in favour…

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“Politics Would Have To Intervene Whenever The Market Transfers Wealth Creation Out Of Europe In A Disproportionate Way”

Lidia Conde | Sebastian Dullien is Director of the IMK Düsseldorf. Q: Germans have spent 200 billion euros less since the beginning of the epidemic. Will all this money flow into consumption? A: Not all of it, but a considerable part will be spent. Studies conducted by our institute show that Germans are not only planning to buy new consumer durables such as cars, furniture or houses, but also to…

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