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Times Of Change For Economic Policy

José Ramón Díez (Caixabank Research) | The global economic scenario continues to face the effects of a triple shock on global supply (bottlenecks, war and zero-COVID policy) which is keeping commodity prices strained, continues to erode confidence among economic agents and has sent alarm bells ringing in the financial markets, with increased volatility and sharp price corrections. In spite of all the above and the scarcity of information published for…

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US elections, Joe Biden

Xi, Biden Switching Strategies For Dominance

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | US President Joe Biden’s long-awaited trip to Asia got off to a poor start, after ASEAN leaders’ official visit to the White House saw hardly any relevant policy decisions, and Biden’s stingy pitch of $150 million to ASEAN economies. Based on that example and Biden’s difficult political situation at home, the stakes for his trip to Asia were low. But reality has proved the pessimism…