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Rare Earths Management: A New Weapon For China

Intermoney | Last week, the Chinese authorities intentionally leaked their consultations to limit rare earth exports in order to see the effects on the armaments sector of rivals such as the US. In particular, China focused on the F-35 fighter-bomber, which requires 417 kilograms of rare earths for its prodcution. Thus, China will manage rare earths as a new weapon, but will be cautious to ensure that restrictions on their access or prices do not generate a crisis like the one caused by oil in the last century seventies.

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China Reaches For The STAR Market- The Domestic Nasdaq

Christian McCormick , Shannon Zheng (Allianz GI) | China’s new STAR market has been billed as the country’s answer to the Nasdaq – the technology-focused US exchange. Its listing rules make it easier for the country’s tech and science startups to list domestically, thereby supporting the fast-growing sectors that are driving China’s growth. Since opening in July 2019 with 25 listings, the STAR market now comprises almost 200 firms – and nearly 500 are in the IPO pipeline.