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Sánchez goes to Rabat, Mohamed VI calls him from Gabon

Mohamed VI’s approach to Pedro Sánchez tarnishes the High Level Meeting (HLM) between Morocco and Spain, which La Moncloa expected to be “historic”. The Alaouite monarch did not receive the President of the Government yesterday on his arrival in Rabat for a bilateral summit that had not been held in this way for eight years, and limited himself to dealing with diplomatic formalities via a phone call from Gabon. Over…

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Council of State report warns of government’s legislative bungling

The Council of State has had enough of Pedro Sánchez’s Government’s way of legislating and has issued a harsh judgement in which it warns of “unjustified urgencies” that affect the quality of laws and the “control of legality and constitutionality” and warns of “guarantees” that “suffer”. The highest advisory body demands “respect” for its function and the legal framework, in the face of an “absurdity” that comes close to being…