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Austrian Verbund Buys Photovoltaic Assets In Spain From Q Energy For €1 billion

The Austrian utility has been the winner of the large bid organised by the Spanish renewable energy fund Q Energy. The firm has acquired a platform with 82 MW in operation and more than 4 GW under development, valued at over 1 billion euros, in one of the most important renewable energy deals of the year in Spain. The assets are located mainly in Castilla La Mancha and Andalusia. Of…

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The Euribor Enters Into Positive Territory

Fernando González Urbaneja | Last week the Euribor started to trade in positive, five thousandths of a point insignificant, but positive. Since February 2016 the Euribor had been negative, down to a minimum of half a point. Several million Spanish mortgages will be more expensive today than yesterday, although less than tomorrow. The European Central Bank opted weeks ago for a progressive and cautious strategy towards the neutrality of its…