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Surprise bounce in services flash PMIs in France and Germany means new dilemma for ECB

Santander Corporate & Investment’s flash services PMIs released this morning will once again be a headache for the ECB, as they show an unexpectedly strong rebound in France at a delicate time of rallies (56.3, 53.5e, 53.9p). But also in Germany (55.7, 53.4e, 53.7p). And at a time when services inflation remains one of the real workhorses as our economists recalled after the release of the final March figure a…

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Bundesbank: technical recession unavoidable for Germany in 1Q23 but decline could be less than 4Q22’s 0.4%

Link Securities | Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, as reflected in its Monthly Bulletin, expects Germany’s Gross Domestic Product to contract in 1Q2023 relative to the previous quarter. The Bundesbank believes that the productivity of the German economy could fall again in 1Q2023, albeit less sharply than in the previous quarter. According to the bulletin, the German economy recovered at the beginning of 2023 only with difficulty from the sharp…

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France clashes with Germany and Spain over “pink” hydrogen

Banca March | The lack of support from Germany and Spain for labelling nuclear-derived hydrogen – pink hydrogen – as “green” within the European taxonomy has infuriated the French government, which claimed to have the commitment of both countries. The dispute could call into question the construction of a gas pipeline linking Germany and Spain, as well as delaying European green legislation.


Mild Winter Recession in Germany

ifo | “High inflation rates have driven the German economy into a winter recession.” This is how Timo Wollmershäuser, Head of Forecasts at ifo, responded when Germany’s Federal Statistical Office reported that economic output in the fourth quarter of 2022 had fallen by 0.2 percent. The Federal Statistical Office had originally expected growth to be flat, based on provisional figures. “The usual definition of a recession is when gross domestic…


Fluidra buys all of Meranus Group for some €30 M

Link Securities | On December 23, 2022 Fluidra Commercial, S.A.U., an indirectly fully controlled subsidiary of Fluidra, reached an agreement to fully acquire the German companies Meranus Haan, Meranus Lauchhammer and Aquacontrol. These firms together form the Meranus Group, a recognized swimming pool equipment distributor in Germany. It is also a manufacturer of swimming pool dosing and control technology. Meranus’ expected revenues for the year ending 31 December 2022 are…

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EU Should Demonstrate Unity toward China

The ifo Institute has called for a show of unity toward China. In recent years, the trade imbalance between Germany and China has tipped significantly in China’s favor, but the same is not true for EU-China trade relations, according to an ifo study. “For this reason, it is questionable whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s trip to China will on its own be enough to send the right message. It would have…

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Fewer German Companies Plan to Increase Prices

ifo| Somewhat fewer German companies are planning to raise their prices soon than in the previous month, finds the ifo Institute’s latest survey. For the economy as a whole, the ifo price expectations for the coming months fell to 51.5 points in October, down from 53.8 points* in September. Trade and manufacturing in particular are planning fewer increases, while price expectations are rising among service providers and in construction. “The…


Only One in Three German Companies Has an Emergency Plan for Energy

ifo | Only just under one-third of German companies has an emergency plan for dealing with the energy crisis. This is the result of the new Randstad ifo Personnel Manager Survey of 700 HR managers. “The smaller the company, the less often measures were in place. Among companies with more than 500 employees, 60 percent have taken appropriate precautions. For companies with up to 50 employees, the figure is only…

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Germany | Nuclear Power Plant Operators Can Expect Profits To Unexpectedly Be EUR 7.9 Billion Higher This Year Due To High Natural Gas Prices

Ifo | Extending the operating lives of Germany’s three nuclear power plants would reduce the German electricity price by 4 percent next year, according to calculations by the ifo Institute. The nuclear power plants would generate about 4 percent of Germany’s electricity. However, the share of natural gas in power generation would drop only from 8.3 percent to 7.6 percent. “This is because nuclear power isn’t a 1:1 replacement for…

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Even In Gas Crisis, Germany Refuses Nuclear Power

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | Germans are urged to ration gas. “We are in the midst of a gas crisis,” according to economy and climate minister Robert Habeck. “From now on, gas is a scarce asset.” Russia has reduced supplies to what is its largest customer in the EU in anger over the bloc’s support for Ukraine. All consumers, whether in industry, in public institutions or private households, should reduce…