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Unemployment Fell By 2,921 People Last Month, The Worst Month Of March In The Historical Series; Permanent Contracts Increased

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services fell by 2,921 in March (-0.09%), twenty times fewer than in the same month of 2021, when the number fell by 59,149 people. This year’s decline is the smallest in the historical series, since 1996. Until now, it was that of 2013, when unemployment fell by 4,979 people. In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment rose in March…

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Unemployment Falls By 11,394 People In Its Best February Since 2015, With A Record Number Of Permanent Contracts

The labour reform boosts permanent contracts to almost 22% of the total and more than doubles them with respect to 2021. In the last year, unemployment accumulated a record drop of 897,105 people, which is 22.4% less jobless. The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (formerly Inem) fell by 11,394 unemployed in February (-0.3%), its best rebound in this month since 2015, when unemployment…

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Registered Unemployment Falls Below The Level Before The Financial Crisis

Funcas | The number of people registered with Social Security rose by 72,000 in December, to 19,824,911. In seasonally adjusted terms, according to Funcas, this is equivalent to a rise of 62,000, a remarkable result in historical perspective, although it is the lowest increase since May. The total number of workers in ERTE (linked and not linked to Covid) has moderated its rate of decline, while the self-employed with benefits…

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Unemployment Recorded Its Best November In History, With 74,381 Fewer Unemployed People

The Social Security system gained 61,768 contributors with respect to October, bringing the total number of employed persons to 19,752,358 contributors. The number of people registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) fell by 74,381 in November, the largest drop for that month, and for the first time in the historical series unemployment has fallen for nine consecutive months. According to the information provided by the…

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Spain: Unemployment Fell By 82,583 In August

The fall in unemployment, -2.4%, is the largest ever for the month of August, marking the sixth month of falling unemployment in Spain. In the last 6 months, unemployment in Spain has fallen by 675,000 people and, at the end of August, stands at 3,333,915 people. Nevertheless, Social Security lost an average of 118,004 contributors in August compared to July, bringing the total number of employed people to 19,473,724 contributors,…

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Spain: 59,000 Fewer Unemployed in March

T.C. | The number of registered unemployed in Spain fell by 59,149 people in March (-1.5%), its largest decline in this month since 2015, according to data published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Labour. With this decline in unemployment, which puts an end to five consecutive months of increases, the total number of unemployed reached 3,949,640 at the end of March.

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End Of Cycle For Employment In Spain?

Unemployment rose in January by 90,248 people and the Social Security system lost 244,044 members, the worst figure since 2013, when Spain was trying to emerge from the crisis. All the Autonomous Communities, except for the Balearic Islands, have seen the unemployment rate rise in all sectors except construction, so some Autonomous Communities already have more unemployed than in 2019.

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Spain’s unemployment registers its best numbers in 19 years

MADRID | The Corner | The number of unemployed people registered in the Public Services of Employment has fallen to 4,512,116. It dropped by 14,688 people in November with respect to the previous month. This represents the best figure for November since records began in 1996, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The unemployment rate has now fallen for three consecutive months

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Draghi’s speech marks a turning point in ECB rhetoric

MADRID | The Corner | Although it is not part of ECB’s mandate, last Friday in Jackson Hole, President Mario Draghi spoke about what needs to be done in the euro area to address the problem of high unemployment and weak economic growth. As Barclays analysts believe, the speech “represented a significant breakthrough in the ECB rhetoric and will probably have significant implications regarding the debate just about to start between European government on policies that need to be deployed to avoid a ‘triple-dip recession’ and a fall in outright deflation.”

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Spanish unemployment rate falls for sixth straight month

MADRID | The Corner | The unemployment rate in Spain falls in July by 29,841 people and drops for six consecutive months. The total number of unemployed stands at 4,419,860. For the first time, unemployment is below the 4.42 million that the current executive found when it came to power. Regarding to the nature of the employment created, it is important to highlight the growth of indefinite contracts by 18.41%. The cumulative reduction of unemployment in the first 7 months of the year (281.478 people) is the largest since 1998. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment registered in July grows in 32,357 people, a figure which corresponds to the time series trend, where since 2000 the seasonally adjusted unemployment always increases in July, with the only exception of 2004.