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Spain (12.4%), still at the head of unemployment in Europe (6.5%)

Eurostat has released employment data for Europe, and among the EU-27, the highest unemployment rates were in Spain (12.4%), Greece (11.4%) and Italy (7.8%). In contrast, the lowest unemployment figures were observed in the Czech Republic (2.7%), Poland and Germany (3% each). The European indicator remains at an all-time low of 6.5%, while Spain doubles the rate and is the country with the highest unemployment, with a rate of 12.4%….

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Workers on fixed discontinuous contracts: the unemployed counted as employed by the government

Being on a fixed discontinuous contract means a worker has a recurrent seasonal job and therefore works and is registered with the Social Security during the periods when the employer needs him and he is actually working; while in the periods when he is not registered, he can work somewhere else on another contract, or be collecting unemployment benefits… or neither of the two. The only thing that is clear…

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Unemployment in Spain falls by 268,252 in 2022, and now stands at 2,837,653

Unemployment registered in the offices of public employment services in 2022 recorded a decrease of 268,252 people (-8.6%), to a total of 2,837,635 unemployed, the lowest figure in a year-end since 2007, according to figures released by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy on Tuesday, and reported by the Europa Press agency. With the decline recorded in 2022, unemployment has now dropped for the second year in a row…

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There are already almost half a million permanent unemployed who are not counted as unemployed by the government.

By keeping the contract, the government does not count the permanent unemployed as unemployed when they are inactive. If they register with the SEPE to look for another job, they appear in another box called ‘demandantes de empleo con relaciones laborales’ (job seekers with employment relations). At least 444,000 permanent seasonal workers are inactive and looking for another job. But the Ministry of Labour does not count them as unemployed,…

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Unemployment Rises By 60,800 In The Third Quarter Despite The Creation Of 77,700 Jobs

Unemployment rose by 60,800 people between July and September, which is almost 2.1% more than in the previous quarter, while employment increased by 77,700 jobs (+0.4%), bringing the total number of employed to over 20.5 million people, according to data from the Labour Force Survey (EPA) released by the National Statistics Institute (INE). At the end of September, the total number of unemployed stood at 2,980,200 people and the number…

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Unemployment Falls By 255,300 In The Year To June To 12.48%

Unemployment fell by 255,300 people between April and June this year, the largest decline for a second quarter since 2018, and the number of unemployed fell below three million for the first time since 2008.Meanwhile, employment rose by 383,300 jobs between April and June, up 1.91% on the previous quarter, although this is lower than the 464,900 increase in workers recorded a year ago. At the end of June, the…

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Spain: Unemployment Falls By 42,409 In June

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (formerly Inem) fell by 42,409 in June (-1.4%). This brings the total number of unemployed below 2.9 million for the first time since autumn 2008. Specifically, June closed with 2,880,582 unemployed, its lowest figure since October 2008, at the beginning of the financial crisis, according to data published Monday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy….

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Yolanda Díaz’s statistical ‘trap’ will prevent 600,000 new unemployed people from joining the labour market

Discontinuous permanent workers are the most frequent group in the new hiring of the labour reform. They have multiplied by nine compared to 2019, creating 600,000 new contracts in just three months, and already represent 36% of permanent contracts. As the digital newspaper Vozpopuli explains today: The modality, which previously had a practically testimonial weight, with a few thousand, is designed for seasonal or seasonal jobs, with periods of standstill…

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Unemployment Falls (-99,512 People) In May From 3 Million (2.922 Million)

The number of unemployed people registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) at the end of May 2022 is 2,922,991. The total number of unemployed had not fallen below three million since December 2008. The number of unemployed decreased in May by -99,512 persons (vs -86,260 persons in April). The number of unemployed stands at 2.922 million (-3.3% m/m and -22.7% y/y). The seasonally adjusted number…

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Brussels Warns Spain Of High Debt And Unemployment Risks

The European Commission officially advocates maintaining the suspension of fiscal rules in 2023. However, it warns that Spain is dragging serious “vulnerabilities” with “cross-border relevance” and fears that public indebtedness will be higher in 2026 than in 2021. “Spain is experiencing imbalances,” the European Commission warned yesterday as it released its spring package of recommendations. It warned that its “vulnerabilities relate to high external debt, public and private, in a…