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IMF points to ‘uncertainty’ over Japan’s monetary policy

BancaMarch | The International Monetary Fund today alluded to “uncertainty” around the direction of Japan’s monetary policy, saying a possible shift to ultra-low interest rates could have a significant impact on global financial markets. Krishna Srinivasan, head of the agency’s Asia-Pacific Department, also pointed to risks surrounding Asia’s economic outlook, such as weakening exports to advanced economies, slowing productivity in China and fragmentation of global trade.

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IMF warns of heightened risks to financial stability

Banca March : Kristalina Georgieva, head of the IMF, has warned of increased risks to financial stability, which “come at a time of higher debt levels”. Georgieva recalled that the global GDP growth forecast is below 3%, mainly due to the war in Ukraine and the restrictive monetary policy.


Turkey Has To Win Investor Confidence

The situation in Turkey is a good example of the negative consequences of stances which call into question the independence and credibility of the central banks. Currently, the deteriorating credibility of Turkey’s institutions make it fairly difficult for actions like the increase in rates (last week they were raised by 300 bp) to attract capital flows.

Argentina has officially asked for help from the IMF

Argentina Puts Itself Into The Hands Of The IMF

President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, has not taken long to see the writing on the wall: he has officially asked for help from the IMF. On Monday, the peso/$ devalued 5%, which is a savage drop. Domestic and foreign equity have completely lost confidence in the economic governance and have fled terrified, with huge losses, given the peso’s accumulated depreciation.

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The IMF’s Optimistic Vision Of The Global Outlook

In the IMF blog there is a brief view of how well the year has gone and the promises for the future which we can extract from this good performance. For me it’s proof of an excess confidence which in the past was a trap into which the markets systematically fell. But the IMF has to accept the rationalistic view that the markets don’t get it wrong, while I maintain they quite often make mistakes.

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A Eurogroup Deal That Might Be Hard To Stomach

Yiannis Mouzakis via Macropolis | Following an 11-hour Eurogroup that brought back memories of other classic encounters between Greece and its lenders, an agreement was reached to disburse 10.3 billion euros from the programme’s financing in two tranches – next month and in September – as the much-contested debt issue was put on the table.

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Amidst Concerns Over High Debt, China Promises To Do Its Homework

Christine Lagarde’s two-day-visit to China concluded on Monday without any specific agreements on how Beijing will fend off financial risk. But Premier Li Keqiang insisted that they will use all the tools available. Trillions of renminbi of debt have built up in the Chinese economy as a result of decades of stimulus and easy credit.

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Argentina Designs An Economic Roadmap

BARCLAYS | Argentina’s incoming finance minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, has made some important statements about short-term economic policies. We think that his comments are steps in the right direction and indicate pragmatism, in that they seek a solution to economic problems while addressing restrictions imposed by social, political, and economic realities.